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Singer Sung Si Kyung personally addresses stalking and gaslighting accusations


Singer Sung Si Kyung personally addressed stalking and gaslighting accusations.

On June 24, Sung Si Kyung held his regular live stream on his YouTube channel and addressed the accusations posted by a woman online. As previously reported, netizen 'A' claimed Sung Si Kyung has been stalking her social media posts and copying them for his own accounts. She further stated he gave her secret messages through his radio show, and in the end, confessed she was in love with the singer.

Sung Si Kyung expressed, "There was an article about me gaslighting. It's a bit uncertain whether I should answer. She's probably watching this broadcast too. She might be thinking, 'You're talking to me again,'" referring to 'A's claims about messages to her from him. 

He further stated he would prefer for 'A' to receive mental health treatment, saying, "I didn't respond because I thought it would be better if there were no articles about it... People around me tell me it must be hard. Fans who saw her posts on social media before already know about it. I think it's better for this person to get treatment. You may think I'm being nosy, but she's done me a disservice. I've decided I have the right to say that... Normally, I wouldn't talk about this. It's good if she stops this, but I don't think she'll stop. If she doesn't, I'll make it so she has to get treatment." 

The singer added, "She left another YouTube comment. I don't think she'll stop. I'll wait a bit, and if she receives a call from a lawyer, she'll have to receive treatment, which I think is good."

As for why he hasn't filed a lawsuit against her for malicious comments, Sung Si Kyung explained, "This person truly believes the gaslighting, so she's not being malicious... There are malicious commenters who are worse than this. They probably won't stop until I retire."

What do you think of Sung Si Kyung's response? 

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IstanThemAll417 pts 29 days ago 0
29 days ago

Not a single day passes by without an article about accusations of any sorts. It must be really hard to be famous in SK. And also mental health is a huge issue.



monke1,813 pts 29 days ago 1
29 days ago

why a crazy person like that even got into the news


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