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Red Velvet's Wendy cutely complains that she has the smallest room in the dorm, 3 pieces of furniture take up the entire space


On February 19, renowned interior designers Lim Sung Bin, Jo Hee Sun, and Jason appeared as guests on JTBC's 'Fantastic Record Shop'! Naturally, the guests and MCs spent time discussing all things interior design. 

Here, Red Velvet's Wendy also opened up about her own interior situation. She said, "I am living in a dorm right now. At our dorm, I think that my room is a little too small. We actually drew randomly to choose the rooms, and I didn't want to choose so I just said I wanted whatever was left. But in the end, the one left over was the smallest room."

Wendy went on to describe what furniture she currently has in her room. "I have a bed, a desk that is for putting a small keyboard, and then a metal closet type thing for putting clothes in. With these three pieces of furniture, there is only just about enough room for me to walk through."

She then went on to explain that she has also tried working with a high bunk-bed, where the bottom was removed to put her desk underneath. However, the ceiling was ultimately too low for her to sleep comfortably on the top bunk. 

Designer Jo Hee Sun suggested, "These days, there are also beds that are foldable, ones you can fold up and store away when you're not using. Also, I would suggest that you use your wall space more. Instead of single pieces of furniture, maybe consider using items that utilize the wall."

Fellow MC Super Junior's Kyuhyun also had a word of comfort(?) to offer. He stated, "During my debut days, I lived in a single dorm with 13 members. I did not have my own room at all, and I lived by lugging a luggage bag around. I just took that luggage bag around to different members' rooms each day. One day, I would go to a room that had two single beds in it, and I would sleep on the floor in between the two beds. During the day, I would use a box as my desk and put my laptop on top."

Finally, Kyuhyun revealed that the moral of his story was, "I'm sure your room will get bigger and bigger soon."

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Fairytailloverr546 pts Saturday, February 20, 2021 8
Saturday, February 20, 2021

Wendy looks so pretty 😍


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samael1,178 pts Saturday, February 20, 2021 4
Saturday, February 20, 2021

just claim seulgi's room as well. she wont mind :)


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