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Heechul goes live on YouTube to assure fans after his SNS tangle made headlines + says he will never apologize to malicious commenters


On April 23, Super Junior's Heechul went live via his personal YouTube and Twitch accounts to assure fans, after his SNS lash out against an inconsiderate reporter made headlines

When the idol went live with a broadcast titled 'Today Is The Last Day...', fans first reacted with alarm, leaving numerous questions in the comments asking for an explanation. Heechul explained that through this particular live broadcast, he hoped today would be the last day that "anyone uses my friends for malicious intent or personal gains, if they are people with an ounce of integrity." He also added, "Today will be the last day I talk about this conflict from yesterday." 

Heechul then went on to calmly relay to fans his thoughts after his furious SNS post and his 'DC Gallery' post, where he asked fans to not become involved in any more petty fights but to help him gather evidence and prepare for legal action. He said, 

"During the broadcast, I just talked about everything bluntly and honestly. But then that XXX left such a post on SNS. What made me angry was, 'What did I say on the broadcast exactly that made him feel so inclined to go out of his way and make such a critical post, blowing things up to such proportions', and I also cursed at him in my comment. Because yesterday, I was really angry. 

But of course, the whole conversation went the wrong way. It was to be expected but, it was an outpour of comments, rather on the malicious side. That place is a den of such breeds anyway...

I'm apologetic toward my fans. My fans speak up on my behalf just because of the fact that they are my fans, and they end up fighting against scum. How can you fight scum though? It's just scum.  

Now I'm going to talk about the malicious comments. I'm going to bring malicious comments down, once and for all.

Once you report malicious comments, there's the option to fine them or punish them criminally. After they are found guilty, you can forward it for a more severe criminal investigation. But there's not really a set criteria for malicious comments. Whatever it may be. There might be someone just going, 'I don't like Kim Heechul'. But if I decided that I felt emotionally damaged by that, then it's a crime. Of course, I'm not going to report dumb things like that. 

But if there's a particularly malicious community post. If the big vermin poops there, then all the little vermin also poop in line underneath. So the person who wrote the original post will be the first one to face charges... so if you guys can help take PDF shots of these posts and leave them in the gallery... Even if I can't look through every single one, I'm going to try and report as many as I can. Because I have nothing to lose. All I have to do is send what evidence I have to cyber crimes. The system is so well done these days. It's not gonna be easy, but I'm gonna do it. I need to at least do my part to clean up.

Honestly who cares how much they have to pay in fines. I'm just gonna round them up at the police station. What do I care, I have nothing to lose. They're the ones who want to establish numbers and attack. I wonder if they can band together and be so mighty in front of the police, in front of their family. 

All in all, after this live, I'm not going to bring this topic up for a while. I'm going to quietly see this through behind the scenes, against those 'scum'. I'm not apologizing to malicious commenters. You say you have strength in numbers, so show me your strength at the police station." 
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xoyulxo153 pts Thursday, April 23, 2020 1
Thursday, April 23, 2020

Heechul has been fearless ever since his debut. He always spoke his mind on tv, used to snap at people who hurt his loved ones on his cyworld, called out his fans whenever they went overboard, which was why he got a lot of hate during earlier days for not being up to the ideal idol standards. He is entirely right on this. Malicious commenters deserve no mercy at all. If you’re brazen enough to type garbage than can possibly ruin a person’s life while sitting behind a computer & hiding behind an anonymous identity, come out & face the consequences like the hero you think you’re. I wish more celebrities would follow his path on this.


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nunyabsnss5,167 pts Thursday, April 23, 2020 0
Thursday, April 23, 2020

That's the spirit Heechul! Show them no mercy and never apologize for defending yourself and your love ones. People should be held accountable for their abusive words. He's changing the culture too. In the future more idols will be able to defend themselves because of his bravery. Just like so many Korean women was inspired by Sulli's bravery. Much respect.



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