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BLACKPINK under fire for allegedly being late to event feat. David Beckham


BLACKPINK is under fire for allegedly being late to an event featuring fellow guest David Beckham

Both BLACKPINK and sports star David Beckham were reportedly scheduled to feature as guests for an event for a sportswear brand at Seoul's Times Square on October 9 at 11:55AM to 12:05PM KST. However, the YG Entertainment girl group is reported to have arrived 20 minutes later at 12:15PM.

David Beckham is said to have passed the time by taking photos with fans and other fan service and then joined BLACKPINK on stage after they arrived. However, some reps are denying they were late, and they have stated the girl group was set to appear during the second part of the event. 

YG Entertainment has yet to reveal an official statement, and some netizens are criticizing the girl group for their supposed late arrival.

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ikimoai406 pts Wednesday, October 9, 2019 4
Wednesday, October 9, 2019

First Jennie's hat being compared because it looks similar in style with Yang Hyun Suk's now this. I'm starting to get annoyed with these issues and I'm not even a Blink, just a casual AKP & Soompi reader. It's seriously just nitpicking at this point. I have yet to stan these girls because of lack of content to sustain my interest but I sincerely feel bad for them for being hounded by all these issues (some are actually just petty news blown out to put them in a bad light to be honest). No idol would want to be managed the way YG is handling them so I'm pretty sure if they had a choice, they'll want to be managed differently. Every small thing they do or say is magnified all the time. I just hope media and netizens (haters included) would just let them breathe. About being late, I would have understood the backlash if it was like 45 minutes or an hour at least. I know time is important and they have to be professional but things like this, being late for 20 minutes (if it is even true), I just don't think it's news-worthy. Some things are inevitable that may have caused them to not come on time. If the people at the event understood and didn't take it as a big deal, why blow it out of proportion.


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ga_brie_lle84 pts Wednesday, October 9, 2019 0
Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Dumbest thing I’ve read today



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