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Fave Entertainment releases full member profile for Fave Girls' Lee Soo Jin

Now that all members of Fave Entertainment's upcoming girl group Fave Girls have been revealed, the agency is ready to give fans more information about them! 

Starting this week, information about each member of Fave Girls will be introduced via hand-written member profiles, where the girls will reveal things like their favorite foods, activities, and other facts that will give their social media followers a better idea of their personalities.

On October 28, Fave Entertainment released the hand-written member profile for Fave Girls member Lee Soo JinThe translated information is as follows:

Nickname: Pink Princess
Blood Type: A
Birthday: 2001/12/12
Hobbies: Listening to music, watching the performances of senior artists, writing in my diary, finding delicious places to eat
Specialties: Cover dancing
Habits: Folding up the ends of clothing, applying lip balm
Motto: Let's passionately try our best every moment.
Bucket List: Being able to hear a Fave Girls song at school before school starts, to try eating ramyun on a plane, eating room service with the other members while promoting overseas
Charming Point: Moderately full lips...? Silly charm...?
Favorite Foods: Macarons, spicy rice cake, pizza
Least Favorite Foods: Celery, bell peppers
My TMI: Once a day, I eat [a combination of] red ginseng, bellflower root jam, lactobacillus (live active cultures), and yogurt 

Check out her hand-written profile below, and stay tuned for more information about the different Fave Girls members!

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