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Korean schools to keep records of school bullying for 2 years after graduation


Korean schools will keep records of school bullying for 2 years after graduation.

According to the Ministry of Education on February 22nd, schools will be keeping records of category 8 school bullies for 2 years after graduation starting this school year on March 1st.

There are 9 categories of school bullying offenses, with 9 being the most serious offense which results in being expelled from school. Category 8 warrants a transfer to another school. The current principle is to keep the category 8 records for two years after graduation, but they can be deleted after an examination. The new policy will keep the record of category 8 offenders for 2 years after graduation without exception. 

In middle school, category 8 is the most serious case of bullying because expulsion is not an option due to it being a compulsory education. Category 7 offense, which subjects a perpetrator to change his classroom, is currently deleted from the perpetrator's school record upon graduation but these records will also be kept for 2 years after graduation per the new policy. However, deletion of the record will be possible for category 7 offenders depending on the perpetrator's level of remorse and whether they have restored their relationship with the victim.

An official from the Ministry of Education commented, "Currently, there are cases where the record is deleted even if some data is missing, but the hearings will be stricter from now on."

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Keroberos70 pts 29 days ago 4
29 days ago

They shouldn't be deleted , that way bullies will think about it better, before bullying others. How easy two years and deleted like nothing happened 🙄

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Izzie20192,065 pts 29 days ago 7
29 days ago

I dont understand why the korean system is so lineant with bullies,considerang the horrific cases they had on school grounds. The records shouldnt be deleted and the reports inclued in the records, for the higher categories like 7,8 and 9, should be done by a police officer so the school doesnt have the chance to hide anything for students with richer families and the context of the situation isnt distorted. Furthermore the records should be available for colleges and employers, so students are very aware that their future depends on it. It might sound harsh, but students security depends on it. As young kids we all make mistakes, like skip school, some kids smoke or do drugs, and we should be able to live after that because we are still learning, but bullying, thats a mistake that should live with us for the rest of our lives, because the victim most certanitly will, specially when is for long period of things. Reparing the situation with the victims shouldnt came with a regard like having your records deleted, that should an obligation of the bully and should be done with good intentions and knowing it comes from the heart.

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