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Korean Snacks You Have to Try!

By LeJulie   Saturday, November 4, 2017   95,868   367   19
Korean Snacks You Have to Try!
Meals are great but one of the best parts of food is the ability to snack whenever you feel like it. Here are some of Korea's unique snacks that may be a tad strange to some but definitely delicious.



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1. Shindangdong Tteokbokki
One of the favorite Korean snack meals is tteokbokki, so what's better than to have it as an actual snack too? But don't worry, the chip form is a bit on the sweeter side.
2. Honey Tong Tong
Despite being a strange combination, honey and butter are one of the most popular flavor combinations in Korea. They're both sweet and salty giving a nice kick of flavor that is delicious in all forms.
3. Korean Cheese Bokki Ramen
Ramen and cheese may not sound too enticing but it's one of the best combinations to exist out there. So when it's put together in a package and is accessible at pretty much every convenience store, it is definitely a solid choice for someone looking for something quick and flavorful.
4. Korean Yakgwa Honey Sweet Cake
Light yet flavorful, the Korean Yakgwa sweet cakes are a combination of sugar, honey, flour, and oil. Simple yet delicious, these can be picked up and taste similar to donuts without the overdose of sweetness.
5. Sweet Red Bean Jelly (yanggaeng)
Being one of the most abundant ingredients in Korean culture, red bean paste can be found everywhere. When you want something sweet but don't want to reach for the candy bar, this is the perfect snack as it is fat-free and low-calorie.
6. Banana Milk
The drink seen in almost all variety shows and KDramas, banana milk is a hit or miss for many fans. The sweet flavorful drink is a favorite of many. It also comes in various flavors like strawberry and melon!
7. Ace Chocolato
Crackers and chocolate? Count me in. The flaky cracker combined with a creamy milk chocolate hits the spot when you're looking for that sweet and salt. Plus the chocolate is shaped like a mountain.
8. The Variety of Ice Creams
Korea is known to have unique ice cream flavors and concepts. Such as their ice cream sandwich that's shaped like a fish or even a corn ice cream that looks like a fresh corn on the cob. Korea truly continues to inspire with their fun and unique ice cream styles. They even have one shaped like a shark!!
9. Yakult Yogurt Jelly
Only recently introduced, the yakult yogurt jellies come in packages that are shaped like yakult bottles but are also shaped like mini bottles themselves. They come in three flavors: original, apple, and yogurt.
10. Kimchi Stew Potato Chips
For those days when you want a nice bowl of stew but you also don't want one. This snack is a combination of salty and tangy flavors with a kick of spice inspired by the kimchi stew.

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