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Firefighter shares some of the ridiculous emergency calls made over the Chuseok holiday

By KpopJoA   Friday, October 6, 2017   11,772   100   25



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As Korea celebrates a long 10-day vacation during the Chuseok holiday this year, one firefighter decided to vent at some of the most absurd emergency calls received during his shift.

On October 5, a post was made via an online community board titled 'I am a Firefighter'.

The firemen known as A revealed he was working at the 119 Emergency Call Center and began his post with, "I am writing this to vent over my suffocating, bitter experience."

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Firefighter A continued, "I currently hold the title 'No. 1 reliability of civilians' thanks to all the love from civilians in supporting the firefighter community. However, a firefighter is not some servant who must attend to every scene upon receiving an emergency call," and emphasized that one shouldn't take advantage of firemen and also not waste the time of emergency services unless a real emergency is occurring.

He commented that there were countless emergency calls pouring in over the Chuseok holiday.  The problem was most of them weren't emergency-related but more 'complaints from civilians'.

Firemen A said, "Some people think that 119 employees are some kind of errand boy. Let me explain some of the stories from yesterday."

Some nonsense requests were, 'I lost my phone in the woods. Please help me find it as there is an important document on it,' 'My legs hurt please give me a ride home,' 'I think my kimchi refrigerator is broken. Please come and take a look at it.'

In response to the outrageous requests, he said, "We cannot dispatch anyone for this", and to this, the civilians harshly fired back, "What do you mean? I am a righteous civilian who pays taxes all the time, I demand that you listen to my plea."

Even after rejecting the calls, firemen A felt much concern. "After explaining that it was a rubbish call, and laughing it was worrisome to think that an actual bigger accident might happen due to our actions."

Lastly, A described, "119 officials can only attend to emergency-related scenes. The 119 number was established so that people can contact us when they experience life-threatening situations. We ask that you would please refrain from making such unethical calls and think twice before calling 119."

Seeing this, netizens reacted, "The 119 isn't an AS call center or anything, what are people thinking?" "Great work sir! Stay strong and thank you!" "This nation needs to treat firefighters better."

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