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Japanese YouTuber gains attention after applying makeup and looking like a Korean idol star

By KpopJoA   Wednesday, August 9, 2017   37,554   2,278   28



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A popular Japanese YouTuber is receiving attention for using Korean cosmetic products and looking like a Korean idol star.

Recently, various online community boards in Korea are buzzing about a makeup tutorial video posted in June featuring a male beauty YouTuber, Kondo Yohdi (こんどうようぢ), from Japan as he took the time to try out some Korean cosmetic products.

The video footage captured the vlogger applying products by Korean company Etude House.

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Starting out with a natural, makeup-less face, he solely applied Korean-based BB cream, concealer, and colorful eye shadow products as viewers watched the stunning transformation right before their very eyes.

Once he had finished his makeover,  Kondo was able to successfully show off his idol-like visuals featuring milky skin, neatly groomed hairstyle and a pretty face.

Seeing this, netizens couldn't help but comment, "He would totally be popular if he made a debut in Korea," "He looks so handsome with Korean-style makeup on," as they raved about his flower boy appearance.

His previous makeup video with StyleKorean products from last May also received a high amount of views. 

Meanwhile, Kondo Yohdi is said to be half Korean and half Japanese and is currently working as an actor/model in Japan.

Others commented, "He looks like an anime character," "He looks like Taeyong from NCT," "Kondo Yohdi is so good looking, even the way he talks and acts is cute," "Wow, I didn't know he was mixed, no wonder he has great interest in Korean cosmetic products and writes Korean well," "He looks like a younger version of NRG's Noh Yoo Min," "Just look at those eyes!"

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