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Posted by jubilantj170 pts Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Korean tourist was the victim of discrimination at a German Starbucks


An online post from a Korean netizen claiming to be the victim of racism at a Starbucks in Munich, Germany is getting everyone up in a lather. 

On January 25, a blog post titled 'The service at a Starbucks in Germany' was shared along with a picture of a drink sporting a questionable stick figure drawing instead of the name which is customary. 

The writer of the post explained, "A friend I know visited a Starbucks in Munich, Germany and she found a drawing that degrades Koreans on her drink." The said 'degrading drawing' was of a stick figure with a face that sported just flat lines for eyes, possibly signifying small eyes which is derogatory for many Asians. The person further wrote, "One employee even told her that she looked tired so go sleep in the back." 

The post has since gone viral, and the one who shared the story wrote, "The person who was directly involved in the issue feels a bit burdened because it's become such a big controversy." When asked why the person didn't challenge the derogatory comments, the blog poster explained, "At the time, the person just left all huffy because she wasn't fluent in German and English.

Upon reading about this story, some netizens were said to have left complaints on Starbucks's official social media and tipped off media outlets in Europe such as the BBC

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