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YouTube reporter Lee Jin Ho brings out more details about Song Ha Yoon's bullying allegations, reveals the victim that got slapped for 90 minutes is a male


On April 2, YouTube reporter Lee Jin Ho delved deeper into the allegations of school bullying surrounding actress Song Ha Yoon.

Just a day before, JTBC's comprehensive program 'Crime Chief' reported that a famous actress was a perpetrator of school bullying. The show reported the content provided by an informant who claimed to be the victim. 

The informant told 'Crime Chief' that they were slapped by the actress for 90 minutes straight without knowing the reason for her unprovoked assault. The informant explained, "I was in the 2nd grade while actress S was in the 3rd grade. We knew each other as seniors and juniors. She suddenly called me one day during lunchtime. Behind the high school, there was an apartment complex and a small pavilion playground. She called me there. When I arrived, she was sitting there and began hitting me as soon as I got there. I don't know why she hit me; I only remember being slapped continuously for an hour and a half."

After a day, actress Song Ha Yoon had been named as the alleged actress involved in this latest school bullying controversy.

Lee Jin Ho recently revealed the details of the incident and revealed why the victim decided to reveal the school bullying incident after 20 years.

Lee Jin Ho clarified that the individual involved was a man who was a year junior at Song Ha Yoon. Additionally, this person had a friendship with Song Ha Yoon's boyfriend during that period. The victim explained that Song Ha Yoon had suddenly asked him to come to the playground, and she suddenly began slapping him relentlessly. The victim claimed that he does not know the reason why he was assaulted to this day.

The YouTube reporter explained, "The victim 'A' has been living in the United States, so he was unaware of the Korean entertainment industry. However, after 'Marry My Husband' gained popularity, Song Ha Yoon began appearing on various entertainment programs. And the victim saw her on a YouTube video. Because he was reminded of his trauma, he took time to confirm with his acquaintances and also messaged Song Ha Yoon and her agency."

The victim messaged Song Ha Yoon through social media, asking for an apology. He wrote, "You were the Noona who hit me when I was in school I talked with OOO hyung about you. Let's be humane and you should apologize. You hit me more than 30 times without any reason in the playground in the apartment complex behind Banpo High school. I still don't know the reason. If you assaulted me without reason, you should at least apologize even if 20 years have passed. I'm not thinking about ruining your livelihood or cancel you, but I vividly remembered being hit without reason while I saw a YouTube video of you. So the least you can do is apologize."

The victim also provided the Kakaotalk message log from another schoolmate who remembered the incident and showed that the incident did occur. The victim was also able to vividly recall the individuals who were at the playground when Song Ha Yoon allegedly slapped him multiple times.

Although the victim inquired about this incident to Song Ha Yoon's agency, her agency continued to deny the allegations and insisted that the victim meet with Song Ha Yoon. Song Ha Yoon's agency replied to the victim, suggesting that he come to Korea to speak with Song Ha Yoon in person, offering to pay for his airplane ticket and lodging expenses. However, the victim rejected the proposal because he did not want to be monetarily involved with the agency. The agency continued to tell the victim that the actress was busy with other schedules and proposed that they would travel to the States with the actress once her schedule frees up. When the victim asked if the agency had notified Song Ha Yoon, the agency admitted they had not. Therefore the victim lost trust in the agency and decided to report this to the JTBC program 'Crime Chief.'

Currently, Song Ha Yoon's agency is denying the allegations and claiming that the statements made by the victim are untrue. However, YouTube reporter Lee Jin Ho pointed out that Song Ha Yoon had been involved in other incidents while filming.

According to YouTube reporter Lee Jin Ho, Song Ha Yoon had also been involved in several questionable incidents while filming various works. Lee Jin Ho explained, "Song Ha Yoon had been involved in several incidents while filming various works. There was an incident when she asked the other actor to apologize after filming a slapping scene." He also pointed out that she had changed managers and stylists several times while filming a project. He explained, "She changed managers and stylists quite frequently. She would change managers and stylists 2 to 3 times while filming one project." Lee Jin Ho also explained that Song Ha Yoon suddenly left the 'Marry My Husband' incentive vacation, leaving her manager behind without notice.


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Kellyanne40 pts 22 days ago 6
22 days ago

Wow theses comments are disgusting boys/men can be victims too , there are plenty of men that have been killed by a woman.
no one really knows what happened but at the end of the day HE is a victim end off .. female or not she should of never done what she done , but if it was a man doing it then everyone would be angry. Times have changed woman can be as narcissistic, cold , bullies just as men , if you think that they can not you really need a wake up call asap

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summer11112,812 pts 22 days ago 11
22 days ago

If ppl asking why a guy let a girl hit him she is like so short and skinny ,he did answer the question before, he said she was dating a guy who is the leader of the gang in the school so he was afraid of provocing her and getting beaten by her bf

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