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A famous actress faces allegations of school violence and victim alleges he was slapped by the actress for 90 minutes


Actress S, who gained attention for her villainous roles, is now embroiled in allegations of school violence.

On April 1, the comprehensive program JTBC's 'Crime Chief' reported that they received a tip claiming that the famous actress S had been a perpetrator of school violence 20 years ago.

During the broadcast, an informant told 'Crime Chief', that they were bullied by actress S and claimed, "I was in the 2nd grade while actress S was in the 3rd grade. We knew each other as seniors and juniors. She suddenly called me one day during lunchtime. Behind the high school, there was an apartment complex and a small pavilion playground. She called me there. When I arrived, she was sitting there and began hitting me as soon as I got there. I don't know why she hit me; I only remember being slapped continuously for an hour and a half."

'Crime Chief' stated, "This is the informant's claim that it was an unprovoked assault," and explained, "This happened 20 years ago in August 2004. At that time, the informant was a sophomore in high school, and actress S was a junior. They were usually on good terms as seniors and juniors. There were other female students when the informant arrived, and S started slapping him. When the informant tried to defend himself, actress S told him to 'put his hands down' and continued the assault for an hour and a half."

They continued, "Other seniors and friends arrived at one point and tried to stop S, but every time they tried to intervene, S would slap the informant again. The informant lived in fear for days without knowing why they were being hit." 

'Crime Chief' also mentioned the reason why the informant could not resist being hit by S for 90 minutes. Attorney Park Ji Hoon explained, "There was a reason why it was difficult to resist. S's boyfriend at the time was a so-called 'school gang leader,' a very popular senior. Since the informant was also on good terms with this senior, he felt he had to remain still, fearing it might upset him. Later, S got involved in another school violence incident and transferred to another high school. The informant claims he never received an apology for the assault and lost contact afterward."

Phone call records with 'A,' who is believed to have been S's boyfriend at the time, were also revealed. During a call with the informant, 'A' said, "It's clear that there are people, including you, who were harmed by S. What S has done wrong is that she caused you harm too. Even though time has passed, it must have been traumatic. So, I can't really say anything about why you decided to speak up like this." According to the informant, there were other victims and evidence as well.

The reason why the informant is bringing up the incident now after 20 years ago is because S recently gained popularity for her villainous roles and appeared on various entertainment shows. Although the informant, who resides in the United States, doesn't usually watch Korean dramas or entertainment shows, they saw S in a recent clip and felt that S seemed to have forgotten about the victims. Therefore the informant decided to come forward.

The informant first contacted S's agency via email to find out why S assaulted her. However, the agency did not respond. Only after the informant sent another email did they finally reply.

'Crime Chief' also revealed text messages exchanged between S's agency representative and the informant. The agency suggested that the informant should come to Korea to meet and talk in-person with S. The text read, "This is a suggestion from the company's CEO, but if you're okay with it, could you spare some time to come to Korea? Don't worry about expenses. The CEO thinks it might be good to bring you and S together." The agency then wrote, "We want to meet face-to-face and talk. We've booked a flight to LA. We'll go with S. The lawyer will not accompany us."

'Crime Chief' commented, "This informant gave us this information because they thought that the agency was trying to buy time and not actually offer an apology," and continued, "The agency's position was that the actress has no memory of the school violence. There are two possibilities when someone says they can't remember such a severe assault: either it didn't happen at all, or it happened too frequently to remember. It seems one of these must be true."

Regarding the informant's position, they stated, "The informant is not seeking financial compensation or damages but wants to know why they were hit and is seeking a sincere apology."

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Pinter963,099 pts 21 days ago 4
21 days ago

How the fuck do you keep slapping someone for 90 minutes straight? I'm almost impressed by the stamina needed to do that if it's true (despite how horrible an act it is)

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Lavender555 pts 21 days ago 1
21 days ago

Well, 5 minutes can seem like 90 when you're being slapped. Sorry but 90 minutes of slapping sounds farfetched.

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