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HYBE will formally press charges against Min Hee Jin & ADOR affiliates for professional malpractice today


On April 25 KST, HYBE Labels officially announced its intentions to press charges against Min Hee Jin, CEO of ADOR, and affiliated parties for attempting to seize the subsidiary label. 

According to HYBE, the corporation has obtained tangible evidence through an internal audit process to prove that Min Hee Jin and other ADOR officers had deliberately planned to take over the company. 

In a press statement, HYBE revealed, "One officer subjected to the audit submitted detailed information as evidence, including the plan to seize management of ADOR and attempts to establish contact with external investors. The officer further admitted to creating documents meant to attack HYBE." 

The evidence obtained during the audit contained proof that Min Hee Jin had ordered ADOR officers to research ways to "pressure" HYBE into selling its shares in ADOR, said HYBE. 

"Following this order, detailed discussions over how to terminate artists' exclusive contracts prematurely and how to nullify the CEO's contract with HYBE took place," HYBE explained.

Records of KakaoTalk conversations submitted as evidence hinted at plans such as "preparations to win over public opinions in May" as well as "take the artists and leave ADOR an empty shell"

Furthermore, the words used by the auditee, "the ultimate goal is to break ties with HYBE," were words they wrote down after hearing them from Min Hee Jin herself. 

Based on the evidence collected, HYBE Labels intends on pressing charges against Min Hee Jin and all other involved affiliates of ADOR for professional malpractice and other criminal acts. 

Finally, HYBE relayed, "We plan to support the NewJeans members in every way, including providing them with attentive mental and emotional care, so that they can make a successful comeback. We will also meet with the legal representatives of the members as soon as possible to discuss protection measures." 

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MyEuphoria11,226 pts 24 days ago 2
24 days ago

I knew there would be trouble when they brought her on.
"...professional malpractice and other criminal acts." (*˘︶˘*)🍿

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Lejan2,879 pts 24 days ago 9
24 days ago

Reminder for the mindless MHJ defenders: The information that's been released was the weaker, more circumstantial evidence that their lawyers said could be disseminated online. The REAL evidence was forwarded to law enforcement to make their criminal case.

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