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Fan fervor ignites amidst allegations of HYBE copying NewJeans for ILLIT's debut in HYBE-ADOR Conflict


As tensions rise between HYBE and ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin, accusations fly regarding ILLIT's alleged imitation of NewJeans in various entertainment activities. CEO Min has objected to HYBE's actions, citing concerns over ILLIT's mimicry rather than the management rights dispute.

HYBE has initiated an audit of CEO Min and demanded her resignation, citing suspicions of illicit independence-seeking and takeover plans regarding NewJeans. However, CEO Min's camp argues that the core issue lies in HYBE's replication of NewJeans' concept when debuting ILLIT.

ILLIT, a new five-member girl group produced by HYBE, faces criticism for its resemblance to NewJeans. CEO Min contends that ILLIT's style is a derivative of NewJeans, causing confusion and dissatisfaction among fans and the public.

The dispute between HYBE and CEO Min has escalated into a clash involving the fandoms of NewJeans and ILLIT. Online communities are rife with comparisons and heated debates, turning what began as a corporate conflict into a fandom feud.

Amidst the controversy, NewJeans plans a comeback, but concerns linger over potential public perception issues. ILLIT, despite its initial success, risks being overshadowed by allegations of plagiarism, limiting its artistic freedom and hindering its future prospects.

Most significantly, the young members of both groups face mental distress due to the unwarranted scrutiny and adult conflicts surrounding them. Fans worry that such controversies may jeopardize the well-being of artists and undermine their protection in the entertainment industry.

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giselleswife388 pts 26 days ago 10
26 days ago

This is exactly what MHJ wanted. If fans fight with each other, she can slink back into the shadows and wait for all the commotion to die down. Hopefully fans can see the real issue here isn't plagiarism.

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Lejan2,880 pts 26 days ago 5
26 days ago

This has absolutely fuck all to do with NewJeans or ILLIT and everything to do with money. HYBE owns 80% of ADOR and provided all the resources needed to debut NewJeans and ensure their success. Min Hee Jin wants a larger cut of the profits and is willing to throw everything and everyone under the bus, INCLUDING NewJeans, in order to get it.

Does that mean HYBE are saints? Of course not. But let's not pretend she's doing this to protect NewJeans. She wants more money than she agreed to.

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