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'Everyone seeing this must be doubting their eyes,' 'I Live Alone's Jun Hyun Moo, Park Na Rae, and Lee Jang Woo pose for body profile shoot


Park Na Rae shared her feelings ahead of the release of her 'Palm Oil Family' body profile photos.

On April 21 KST, the comedian posted photos on her personal Instagram account and wrote, "Finally, our body profile photos – no, the Palm Oil Family's body unveiling – are here. For four months, I've been too shy, unable to talk about how I'm preparing for a body profile shoot, and unable to make any plans. Our detailed story will be revealed in next week's 'I Live Alone' episode. A lot of things happened."

She then jokingly reiterated, "It's not a body profile. Just a body reveal," emphasizing that it's not an extravagant body profile shoot.

GQ Korea and FILA Underwear, who worked alongside Palm Oil Family as they trained for the body profile shoot, stated, "Everyone who sees this pictorial now must be doubting their eyes. This pictorial, which encapsulates the blood, sweat, and tears of Palm Oil Family was prepared over about four months and is indeed real."

Meanwhile, 'Palm Oil Family' is a nickname given to 'I Live Alone' cast members Jun Hyun Moo, Park Na Rae, and Lee Jang Woo. Anticipation for the group's body profile shoot began with Lee Jang Woo announcing it at the 2023 MBC Entertainment Awards. The final photos were taken after four months of dieting and strenuous exercise.

  1. Jun Hyun Moo
  2. Lee Jang Woo
  3. Park Na Rae
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Good on them! There may be make up and shading, maybe a tweak or two with photoshop but it still looks like they've put in effort on top of that and they all look great!!

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28 days ago

I really must get back into the gym, four months of membership now, and I still haven't been fit enough to do a session. Still, at least I can walk there and back now without getting breathless, so that's a result, I suppose.


This lot are looking good.

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