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A Korean fansite master arrested in Japan after allegedly entering idol dressing room without permission


It was belated revealed that a Korean fansite master was arrested in Japan after she was found invading an idol dressing room at K Arena in Yokohama.

According to a report by a Japanese media outlet, individual A (age 35) was arrested when she was found trespassing in the backstage dressing room at the K Arena, a music facility in Minatomirai district in Nishi-ku, Yokohama. When arrested, she claimed she had lost her admission ticket and was looking for it.

It was reported that the individual was caught entering the dressing room at the K Arena at around 10:25 PM on April 14, when there was a music event with K-pop artists participating in it. 

The individual was said to have been wearing a staff T-shirt and attempted to enter the dressing room. However, she was caught when she did not have the proper identification card around her neck. When one of the event officials pointed that out, the individual attempted to flee the scene. She confessed that she had picked up the staff t-shirt.

The report was recently disclosed on a popular Korean online community, where many K-netizens claimed that the individual was allegedly a fansite master for Wonbin. These netizens also alleged that this fansite master had a history of stalking other idols.

They commented:
"She's been doing that since a long time ago... I guess she's still stalking idols." 

"She used to be Kyuhyun's fansite master too." 

"She's the fansite master for Wonbin now." 

'"In the Japanese article, her name and age are revealed. I wish we do that in Korea." 

"She did this before and is infamous for stalking idols." 

"This is so embarrassing." 

"She that with Lim Si Wan. Lim Si Wan fans would remember her." 

"Why did she try to enter the dressing room, geez." 

"She goes by the name Wonbil, it's copying Wonmil, lol." 

"Is she the person who got on the airplane too?"

"Heol, she's Ahnorip?? Heol..."

"She's still living like that? Tsk tsk."

"They should reveal her face too... Why is she living like that at her age?"

"Tihs is so shocking.."

"If it's Ahnorip, then I know her too even though I was part of another fandom."

"She was Ahnorip, Mapi, and now she's Wonbil."

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26 days ago

WFT?! Creepy weirdo

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She is deranged!! Riize can’t get a second of peace and I'm afraid this is only the beginning, because SM has made it clear over and over again that they're fair game for all, I pray for those boys

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