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Former T-ara Member Ahreum alleges Ex-Husband's abuse towards her and their children

Former T-ara member Ahreum has made shocking allegations against her ex-husband, accusing him of abusing their two children.

In a shocking revelation on her personal channel on March 2nd, she shared distressing details about the situation, stating, "What we thought was only possible in the news about child abuse turned out to be a reality for our own children." She provided an extensive account of their experiences.

Taking decisive action, Ahreum has secured custody of the children and exposed the abuse they suffered. Additionally, she disclosed that her ex-husband's abusive behavior extended to her as well, marking a pattern of violence throughout their marriage.

In a move to protect her children, Ahreum opted for a quick divorce but remained committed to their welfare, a decision that led her to uncover the extent of the abuse. She voiced her pain, stating, "Despite opting for a swift divorce to shield the children, my continued efforts to reunite with them unveiled these harrowing truths."

Ahreum also hinted at forthcoming disclosures regarding the physical abuse she endured and other shocking behaviors, indicating that more information will be shared when the time is right.

Meanwhile, Ahreum joined T-ara in 2012 but left the group the following year. She got married in 2019 and has two sons. However, she is currently in the process of divorcing her husband. Additionally, she revealed plans to remarry her current publically-known partner once the divorce proceedings are finalized.

The following is Ahreum's passage.

"Hello, this is Lee Ahreum. As you may know, I am currently in the midst of a lawsuit.

It's a somewhat sensitive matter, so I've been proceeding cautiously, but I feel that this is something all citizens should know about.

Things like child abuse, which we've only seen in the news, have happened to our children.

I'm about to bring up something a bit difficult.

Currently, I have custody of all the children.

Until now, Mr. Kim, who has been in litigation throughout our marriage, has never given us any money for gambling, freely taken out loans, or even provided living expenses.

I met the children for the interview negotiation and heard shocking stories.

If I were to speak exactly what was recorded, they say that they frequently threw a toddler who was not even a year old onto the bed, and when the 5-year-old made noise while Mr. Kim and his mother were sleeping, they were hit, pushed, and thrown out of the house.

Furthermore, it's said that they spit on the children's faces, urinated on their faces, and even defecated on the older child's face.

From bruises on the children's bodies to things the older child says.

These incidents were only happening to the children, and throughout our marriage, Mr. Kim also committed many acts of violence against me, in addition to other shocking behaviors.

I have gathered all the recorded evidence and will definitely fight to win.

I will also reveal the heinous acts Mr. Kim committed against me throughout our marriage. This, too, is beyond imagination, but the fact that such things happened is truly beyond imagination.

The reason I did not reveal the actions taken against me is because of the children. However, once they were harmed, I will no longer show any mercy or forgiveness.

It's said they even defecated on their faces. This is not something a human being should do.

The problem is that even now, the older child only talks about what happened to them and says unspeakable things.

From hitting the children to hitting their heads and causing bruises, to things the older child says. I listen and am so shocked that I want to die of resentment for trusting and sending myself away, but I will live for the sake of the children.

I will protect the children and fight properly.

I sent the children away under the promise of a quick divorce, but I have been continuously trying to bring them back, and finally, I brought them back and learned about these shocking stories, so I am writing this post to inform the public.

These incidents were only happening to the children, and the heinous acts of violence against me throughout our marriage will be revealed later.

Thank you for reading this long post."

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LittleSukie12,885 pts Saturday, March 2, 2024 1
Saturday, March 2, 2024

People who abuse children should be dealt the same ordeal they've put the little ones through. They should feel the same pain on their own skin and then be thrown into jail if they survive. It breaks my heart every time I read something similar.

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MackLee21,947 pts Saturday, March 2, 2024 1
Saturday, March 2, 2024

Wow, people in these comments concerned about whether or not she's lying instead of whether or not the children are okay. And so many people in here don't even understand how divorce works in Korea. And that so often the husband gets the children. And they don't do custody. The way Western countries like the US, Canada or even Australia does. She's lucky she has enough money. She can fight but if she didn't have money she wouldn't be able to sue him. She wouldn't be able to get her children back. She probably had to go through a lot to get her children back. And she stated she has video. She has documentation. And if the older child is telling her what happened, that older child is probably now also telling counselors a psychiatrist and even law enforcement. Instead of trashing her you should be supporting her for getting out of a bad marriage and getting her children away from abusive people.

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