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The 'THV GIRL' viral lookbook trend showcases BTS V's (Kim Taehyung) influence on his fans' aesthetic and style

Much like how Kim Taehyung, aka V from BTS, sets trends in the entertainment world, his fans have started a new viral trend on social media.

The 'THV GIRL' trend initially began with Taehyung's fans on TikTok but has since expanded its reach to other platforms such as X (Twitter) and Instagram. Other K-pop fandoms have also followed thetrend with their own idols.

The 'THV GIRL' trend revolves around fans sharing their personal fashion lookbooks inspired by Taehyung's distinctive style and aesthetic. It's a creative way for fans to showcase aspects of Taehyung's style that resonate with them and that they've incorporated into their own lives.

The name 'THV' comes from Taehyung's Instagram username, a combination of 'TaeHyung' and 'V', which has become one of his nicknames among fans.

Taehyung is known for his vintage style, which came from his love of retro fashion, jazz music, classic cinema, and the elegance of past eras. Taehyung has showcased his love for the classics in his many works, from his debut album "Layover" to his "Veautiful Days" photobook, and his personal fashion looks.

In a trending post on theQoo, netizens discussed the viral trend "THV GIRL" on TikTok and Twitter and commented:

"Are they all from Pinterest? Why are they so good at composition, photography, and arrangement?"

"This is fun to look at after searching; everyone decorates well."
"It's cool that there's even a boy edition."

"During V's military service period, fans are having fun with each other. It's cute."

"They decorated beautifully."

"V fans have started it on TikTok, and it seems like it's trending on Twitter too. Fans are tagging each other and having fun."

The "THV GIRL" lookbook photos feature the fan's own personal items alongside Taehyung's official products, including his album "Layover," his fashion magazines and photobooks, merch of his BT21 character 'TATA,' items from brands he promotes like CELINE and Cartier, and more.

Although the trend started as a fashion lookbook, it has now expanded to other topics, including art, photography, magazines, and more. 

Check out thousands more photos of the "THV GIRL" trend on X (Twitter) HERE.

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1Flower1Sword912 pts Tuesday, February 27, 2024 4
Tuesday, February 27, 2024

This is such cute and positive thing! I hope fans doing trend like this more often, this is much more fun than seeing negativity or enganging in fanwar all the time it will only make other tae fans feels drained. Lets doing cute trend like this more often!

32 (+34 / -2)

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Taelingtae582 pts Tuesday, February 27, 2024 0
Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Kim Taehyung has carved a niche identity for himself! Being true to himself and sincere in his choices has led him to this ! Classy and elegant artist and ditto fans!

30 (+35 / -5)


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