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Seungri and T.O.P, names that emerge as 'unmentionables'


Former Big Bang members Seungri and T.O.P have attracted attention with their 'Voldemort-level' actions, not even being mentioned.

Daesung appeared on the YouTube content 'Narak Quiz Show' released on the 10th and suffered from mentioning Big Bang. However, Seungri and T.O.P were not mentioned here either, drawing attention.

Daesung received a question to choose the correct Chinese characters for 'Sapilgwijeong', an idiom G-Dragon used to express his feelings after voluntarily appearing at the police station to be investigated for drug use allegations, proclaiming his innocence.

The 'Narak Quiz Show' stated, "The question is difficult, so a phone chance is possible," adding, "but only to G-Dragon."

Following that, 'Narak Quiz Show' posed a bonus question, "Where should G-Dragon's next album venture to?" with options including Cambodia and North Korea.

'Cambodia' is also the place where Seungri recently promised to "definitely bring G-Dragon" at a private party he attended. However, Seungri's name was not directly mentioned.

Daesung, covering his face in distress, eventually said, "Is this correct, what should I do," adding, "How could I possibly speak out," unable to decide on an answer.

Recently, Seungri attended a private party in Cambodia, promoting 'Big Bang merchandise'. He led the party atmosphere by blowing out candles on a cake and taking photos with Miss Cambodia and famous influencers, flaunting his fame.

Holding the microphone, Seungri danced and prompted audience reactions to G-Dragon X Taeyang's 'Good Boy', showing his enduring 'love for Big Bang'.

T.O.P, on the other hand, has entered the countdown to his return to entertainment with Netflix's 'Squid Game' season 2.

In October 2016, T.O.P was sentenced to 10 months in prison, suspended for two years, for smoking marijuana at his home. His position was terminated while serving as a conscripted policeman, and he completed his military duty as a public service worker.

In February last year, his exclusive contract with YG Entertainment expired, and he announced his departure from Big Bang through his SNS. After being branded a drug offender, he engaged in eccentric behavior on SNS and had exchanges with netizens, declaring retirement from the entertainment industry. However, he has managed to board the globally acclaimed K-content 'Squid Game'.

'Squid Game' has become one of the world's top-grossing series, representing Korea. With season 1 unexpectedly hitting big, the expectations of Korean fans and global viewers for season 2 are higher than ever. Yet, 'Squid Game' season 2 is drawing attention for its bold casting choice, willingly taking on the stigma of 'T.O.P's comeback work' among many actors.

Contrary to their low-profile actions, Seungri and T.O.P have been thoroughly erased from Big Bang. The situation where Seungri and T.O.P are not even mentioned in 'Narak Quiz Show' attracts attention.

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Ftghggyuhgredfg3,891 pts 11 days ago 55
11 days ago

Don't lump TOP with that trash like smoking a lil herb is the same as date raping women and recording it.

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Violetta12319,982 pts 11 days ago 7
11 days ago

Ok, first, there's a real problem with this kind of insulting, uncomfortable 'humour' that still seems to persist in Korea. It does way more harm than good and Daesung really should never have agreed to do that show. Secondly, what on earth is the purpose of this article other than to smear the members of Bigbang? GD has already been put through the ringer over things that were nothing to do with him. T.O.P. smoked a couple of joints years ago, completed his punishment, has been out of the limelight for a long time and has done nothing wrong since. Daesung is trying slowly to restart his career, unfortunately he seems to have made a bad choice with this appearance, because all it's done is give the haters a chance to rise up again and Seungri is no longer relevant. Stop giving him attention. At least Taeyang hasn't been mentioned so far

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