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Discord rumors surface again among Secret members


Rumors of discord have once again surfaced among the members of the girl group Secret.

Jeon Hyosung, a former member of Secret, shared a photo on her social media on February 20th, commemorating Jeong Hana's (formerly known as Zinger) birthday. The photo featured Hyosung, Jieun, and Jeong Hana (Zinger), all in various poses and expressions, suggesting a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Hyosung captioned the photo with, "Comfortable, enjoyable, and rainy," adding, "Although a bit late, a meeting to celebrate our Hana's birthday." Jeong Hana responded with a comment, "Fun, happy, let's meet again."

The purpose of the gathering was to celebrate Jeong Hana's birthday and to showcase the friendship that has lasted for more than a decade. However, some netizens have shown interest in the absence of Han Sunhwa from the photo.

Secret, a four-member girl group debuted in 2009 with Jeon Hyosung, Song Jieun, Jeong Hana, and Han Sunhwa. They established themselves as a leading second-generation girl group with hit songs such as "Starlight Moonlight," "Magic," "Shy Boy," "Madonna," and "Love is MOVE."

However, the group's activities effectively ended in 2014. After the release of their fifth mini-album "SECRET SUMMER" in August of that year, there were no more full-group albums, only individual activities continued.

From 2015, various rumors started circulating, including discord among members, particularly between Jeong Hana and Han Sunhwa, and bullying accusations against Sunhwa. Although the agency and members denied these rumors, Sunhwa's departure from Secret the following year left questions unanswered.

Sunhwa's departure was attributed to her desire to pursue acting. After seeing potential through her role in the MBC weekend drama "Rosy Lovers," Sunhwa expressed her intention to focus on acting and subsequently signed an exclusive contract with an agency specializing in actors.

In 2018, disputes over contracts with TS Entertainment, involving Song Jieun, Jeon Hyosung, and others, came to light. Subsequently, the members sought new agencies, leading to an unofficial disbandment of the group, but rumors of bullying and discord continued.

Activities such as a 10th-anniversary trip and radio appearances without Han Sunhwa, centered around the three members, have kept the relationship between Sunhwa and the members a contentious issue. The rumors flared again when only the three members gathered for Secret's 14th debut anniversary last October.

Some argue that Secret currently exists as a trio and that speculative assumptions should be avoided, especially since the group has not officially announced a disbandment. The three members, excluding the departed Sunhwa, commemorating various events should not be overinterpreted.

Han Sunhwa has also refrained from mentioning Secret or the three members, suggesting that there's no need to stir up past issues.

Despite these clarifications, for fans who cherished the original quartet's "golden era," the lingering rumors remain an uncomfortable reality. With the group's 15th debut anniversary approaching this year, the question of whether the four members can finally dispel these long-standing rumors is drawing attention.

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Poppiex86,539 pts Wednesday, February 21, 2024 0
Wednesday, February 21, 2024

After Sunhwa left the company and Secret she never interacted with them again, we will never know what happened between them but I'm sure everybody has their reasons. Let's be real, the environment they "grew up in" and all the hardships they had to face from both the company and the public were insanely harsh and just awful. I can't blame her if she wants to pretend that never happened, for some people it's easier to deal with. Their company was awful as we all know, and I'm sure we don't even know half of it. I feel sorry for them, always. They worked so hard and I think we should support them in stead of still talking about these old rumours. They have clearly moved on.

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Tiger_Tony1,026 pts Wednesday, February 21, 2024 1
Wednesday, February 21, 2024
Secret were a great group with some lovely songs, and as it wasn't mentioned in the article here, is my favourite Secret song - YooHoo, and I absolutely love the music video.

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