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10 K-pop hits composed by Shinsadong Tiger that launched artists into stardom

Shinsadong Tiger
In memory of Shinsadong Tiger: A Legendary Figure in K-pop

The K-pop community mourns the loss of Lee Ho Yang, better known as Shinsadong Tiger, a prolific producer and songwriter whose work has left an indelible mark on the industry. Known for his innovative sounds and ability to craft hits, Shinsadong Tiger played a pivotal role in the rise of several K-pop groups and solo artists.

Iconic Hits by Shinsadong Tiger

"One More Time" - Jewelry

"One More Time" by Jewelry: Shinsadong Tiger's breakout hit

"One More Time" catapulted Jewelry to unprecedented success, marking one of 2008's most triumphant comebacks and becoming a defining moment in the group's 14-year career.

"Hot Issue" - 4minute

"Hot Issue" by 4minute: A debut that sparked instant fame

"Hot Issue" propelled 4minute to stardom from the outset, establishing a fruitful collaboration with Shinsadong Tiger during the group's formative years.

"Bo Peep Bo Peep" - T-ara

"Bo Peep Bo Peep" by T-ara: A viral sensation

A viral masterpiece, "Bo Peep Bo Peep's" catchy chorus and simple choreography captured hearts worldwide. Shinsadong Tiger's frequent collaborations with T-ara included "Roly Poly," another record-breaking hit.

"Fiction" - Beast

"Fiction" by Beast: A masterful composition

Shinsadong Tiger's partnership with Beast yielded many hits, including "Shock." "Fiction" stands out as a pinnacle of K-pop, amassing over 100 million views.

"Bubble Pop" - HyunA

"Bubble Pop" by HyunA: A career-defining hit

HyunA's solo career soared with "Bubble Pop," an iconic track that showcased her talent beyond her work with 4minute.

"Trouble Maker" - Trouble Maker

"Trouble Maker" by Trouble Maker: Unforgettable chemistry and catchiness

The collaboration between Hyunseung and HyunA in Trouble Maker was a huge success, with hits like "Now" further cementing their impact.

"No No No" - Apink

"No No No" by Apink: A stepping stone to greatness

Apink's "No No No" elevated the group's status, with Shinsadong Tiger's continued contributions including "Luv," their most significant hit.

"U&I" - Ailee

"U&I" by Ailee: A chart-topping success

Ailee's "U&I" secured her first #1 on the Circle (Gaon) Chart, earning her comparisons to Beyoncé for her vocal prowess.

"Up&Down" - EXID

"Up&Down" by EXID: A viral phenomenon

"Up&Down" turned EXID into overnight sensations, showcasing Shinsadong Tiger's role in crafting the group's entire discography.

"BBoom BBoom" - Momoland

"BBoom BBoom" by Momoland: A viral hit among 3rd gen groups

Momoland's "BBoom BBoom" exploded in popularity, setting records and defining the group's career.

  1. Apink
  2. Ailee
  3. B2ST
  4. EXID
  5. Jewelry
  6. Momoland
  7. T-ara
  8. Trouble Maker
  9. 4minute
  10. HyunA
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