Posted by Janie-Reign Sunday, December 3, 2023

Netizens comment that "no one sang live" at 'MelOn Music Awards 2023' and debate labeling idols as 'singers'


Who delivered live performances at 'MelOn Music Awards' this year?

In the aftermath of 'MelOn Music Awards 2023,' media outlets have become a sounding board for netizens' reflections. When it came to the performances, a sentiment echoed through the comments on various articles and platforms that practically "no one sang live."

A standout comment on Instagram, garnering over 200 likes, stated, "Yesterday at the award show, no one sang live..." This sparked a flurry of responses from fellow netizens, each offering their perspective. Some joined the criticism, problematizing the prevalence of lip-syncing, while others mounted a defense, highlighting the artists who did sing live.

For instance, some netizens mentioned KISS OF LIFE, SHINee, STAYC, aespa, and RIIZE, whom they believe took the live singing. However, the prevailing sentiment leaned toward disappointment regarding the perceived lack of live vocal performances by many artists. In that case, many argued that while idols can be good "dancers," not all do not deserve the label "singers."

Reactions include:

"Their job title is 'singer.' Singers should sing, no?"

"How are their roles different from being dancers if they don't sing live?"

"KISS OF LIFE stole the show with their live singing"

"I think SHINee sang live"

"I think it's right to see the 'idols' as a different genre and not standard singers"
"It's ironic that we call them singers when they cannot sing their own songs live"
"What makes them different from their backup dancers if they are not going to sing live?"

"They are dance teams if they don't sing as singers lol I think the problem itself is that what used to be unquestionable is now being disputed"
"Lol if their genre is being an idol then they can take their shows elsewhere under a different title without being called singers lol"
"I think I just see the idols as artists and not as singers"

"STAYC sang live"
"SHINee used a hand mic to sing live"

"aespa sang live"
"And so, I wish BLACKPINK would be back on award shows and I am still waiting"

"I'm not sure if this was the award show but I think RIIZE sang live?"

What are your thoughts?

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  4. RIIZE
  5. SHINee
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David331,009 pts Sunday, December 3, 2023 9
Sunday, December 3, 2023

Why would they waste their time and vocal cords for a meaningless award show? They can sing live at their own concert. Fans really think Idols are robots and puppets. They should do some research why they're singing live and sometimes don't.

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hiroonakamura7,009 pts Sunday, December 3, 2023 5
Sunday, December 3, 2023

singing live has never been a pre-requisite for being labeled as a singer. neither in korea nor abroad.

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