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BTS's V (Kim Taehyung) debuts buzzcut a day before enlistment & reveals it was his dream to try sunglasses with a shaved head

Kim Taehyung, aka V of BTS, truly has a face that can pull off any hairstyle.

On December 10, Taehyung took to Instagram to reveal his shaved head, just a day before his mandatory military enlistment. He shared a series of photos, looking as handsome as ever and proving that he looks great in any hairstyle.

In the first picture, Taehyung sported a buzzcut while stylishly dressed in an orange leather jacket, a blue neck scarf, and a pair of stylish shades. The photo was captioned “D-1,” indicating a countdown to his enlistment date.

In the second photo, Taehyung is seen staring at a bald man wearing shades on a large monitor. He shares that he has always wanted to try the "shaved head with shades" look and seized the opportunity to fulfill this dream now.

He captioned the photo, "It was my dream: sunglasses with a shaved head… I wanted to try it out someday. It turned out well ✌️."

In the remaining photos, Taehyung was seen holding a farewell cake with a ribbon tied around his head, almost presenting himself as a gift. The team from CELINE, where he serves as the global ambassador, presented him with this cake.

The cake bore the message, "WE! WILL! WAIT! FOR! YOU! Kim Celine, Borahae," accompanied by an assortment of photos featuring Taehyung wearing outfits from CELINE, taken from various photoshoots and events he attended.

Both Taehyung and RM are expected to begin their basic training at the New Recruit Training Center in Nonsan on December 11 before proceeding to their respective units. They will serve as active-duty soldiers for 18 months.

Especially noteworthy is Taehyung's application to the Special Task Force of the Army Capital Defense Command, commonly referred to as the Special Duty Team (SDT), which has generated significant buzz over the past two weeks.

Taehyung's photos of his shaved head went viral on various online Korean communities, including South Korea's largest web portal, Naver. News of his shaved head peaked at #2 with over 113,000 article views in an hour.

On a trending post on theQoo that gained about 500 comments in two hours, netizens reacted:

"He looks so handsome even with a shaved head."
"Take care Taehyung, I’ll be waiting for you!!"
"He looks like a kid again."
"Ah, I thought I was mentally prepared..."
"A good looking person will always look good no matter the haircut."
"You say you’re excited, but I’m cryingㅠ"
"Even with his hair cut, he looks cool and handsome!"
"He really looks like his MapleStory character"
"His facial features are amazing."
"It feels like he's a dongsaeng who got styled by his cousins during the holidays."
"It really looks like a childhood photo of him."
"I can't believe he's already enlisting ㅠㅠ"
"Take care and come back healthy, Taehyung-ah ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ"

The buzzcut represents a significant step in his life's journey. Although fans will feel Taehyung's absence, they stand proudly behind his commitment to serve his country and offer unwavering support.

On other social media, fans expressed amazement at how good Taehyung looked, even with his shaved head, and applauded his confidence and his positive attitude towards his enlistment.

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