Posted by Sophie-Ha Wednesday, October 4, 2023

What K-netizens are saying about Seungri's new cheating scandal


Former Big Bang member Seungri has found himself in the spotlight once again due to another scandal involving two women.

On October 4, the Korean media outlet Dispatch reported that Seungri was discovered vacationing in Bali with two women, both of whom identified as being romantically involved with him.

The media outlet conveyed that Seungri first embarked on a romantic rendezvous in Bali with a woman referred to as Ms. A. After her departure, he quickly hosted another date, replicating the previous itinerary, with a different woman, referred to as Ms. B.

The scandal was unearthed through both women's social media posts, revealing similar pictures at the same location. Allegedly, the two women were previously acquainted with each other through Instagram, and this uncanny parallel in their posts brought the duplicitous two-timing to light.

Ms. B expressed her anger, saying, "After confirming Seungri's two-timing, I immediately took a flight back. But Seungri went to the club on the 29th. He will never reflect or change." Ms. A also expressed her anger upon discovering Seungri's actions.

Following the latest scandal, Korean netizens took to social media and commented, "I hope they didn't think there were only women A and B. He probably has women from A to Z," "I really don't want to see any articles about him. Please just let him live any way he wants to!!!" "I don't understand why they are writing articles like this," "Do we need to know that he was two-timing women he met at a club?" "We don't want to know," "How much longer would we need to be updated on this person?" "At this point, I feel like he's doing these things so that he doesn't become irrelevant to people," "Why do women choose to still date him?" and "I guess he doesn't care about two-timing since it's not illegal or anything."

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TheSquid15,806 pts Wednesday, October 4, 2023 0
Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Yeah, for once I'm with Knetz (as quoted above), enough already.

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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Why does this guy looks like he is slow in the head.

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