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Posted by Rika-go Thursday, September 21, 2023

Female Idols who are Visual Representatives of Each Generation of K-pop


One of the critical elements that contribute to K-pop's widespread appeal is the stunning visuals of its idols. These idols possess incredible talent and captivate audiences with their beauty and charisma.

Let’s delve into some of the female K-pop idols considered the visuals of their respective generations.

First Generation:

The first generation of K-pop laid the foundation for the industry we know today. Among the pioneers of this era, BoA, Fin.K.L’s Lee Hyori, and Eugene from S.E.S. stood out not only for their talent but also for their stunning looks. Their charisma and beauty earned them the title of the visuals of the first generation.

Second Generation:

As K-pop entered its second generation, many top-tier visuals emerged in the K-pop realm. Among them, Girls' Generation’s YoonA, who perfectly fit Korean beauty standards, miss A’s Suzy, 2NE1’s Dara, and After School’s Nana are known for their visuals. Their striking beauty and charisma solidified their status as top visuals in K-pop.

Third Generation:

The third generation of K-pop brought us a new wave of talent and innovation. The ethereal visuals and natural charm of the female idols of this era endeared them to fans worldwide. Popular idols from this generation, Blackpink's Jisoo, Red Velvet’s Irene, and Twice’s Tzuyu, are known for their radiant beauty, which made them popular choices for various endorsements and fashion events.

Fourth Generation:

The era of the fourth generation of K-pop is conquered by girl groups. Their talent, youthful charm, and radiant beauty propelled them to popularity in the industry. ITZY’s Yuna, IVE’s Wonyoung, aespa’s Karina, and NMIXX’s Sullyoon are some of the fourth-generation ladies who are considered visual representatives of this era.

K-pop has seen a remarkable evolution over the years, and with each generation, new visual icons have emerged. These female idols have not only captured the essence of their respective eras but have also contributed to the global spread of K-pop culture.

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  1. Karina
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  3. Jisoo
  4. BoA
  5. Lee Hyori
  6. YoonA
  7. Yuna
  8. Wonyoung
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  10. Sullyoon
  11. Irene
  12. Eugene
  13. Tzuyu
  14. Dara
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elf4ever202,199 pts Friday, September 22, 2023 0
Friday, September 22, 2023

YoonA is the Queen Visual of 2nd gen,

... but also:

The K-POP Queen Visual Of All Time: its Y O O N A 👑, she is the NATION's VISUAL & Legendary Queen of All the Visuals Of All times. Her visual with her genetics beautiful slim face & slim body is 100000x prettier in real life than on screen or pics/photos

YoonA is also beautiful inside and outside. YOONA is the GREAT LEGEND & THE ICON of BEAUTY with Brain, Multi-talents & Humble personality.

YoonA is the 1st & still only kpop artist/idol chosen with Most of #1s as the BEST/Prettiest/Most Beautiful Visual by idols (2011 to 2021)
•2011: #1👑

•2012: #2

•2013 (at the begin. of year): #1👑

•2013 (at the end of year): #1👑

•2014: #1👑

•2015: #1👑

•2016: *No survey*

•2017: #2

•2018: #5

•2019: #4

•2020: #1👑

•2021: #4

*** YoonA is the Only One Kpop Visual Artist/idol who is at the top 5 of the Best/Prettiest/Most beautiful female idols/artists (chosen by idols) for 11 years

YoonA is breaking record and slaying!

👑 YoonA was also selected as The Most Beautiful Woman in the World by international Experts.

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jaepopcorn767 pts Thursday, September 21, 2023 0
Thursday, September 21, 2023

where's sulli and krystal?

8 (+12 / -4)


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