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Baby Monster's Ahyeon under fire for using a racial slur in a recently uploaded video

Controversy has erupted over a video recently uploaded featuring Ahyeon, a member of YG Entertainment's soon-to-debut group, BABYMONSTER. The video, posted on social media on May 29, 2023, showcased Ahyeon performing at Hanlim Arts High School. Despite her engaging performance, a cloud of concern has been cast by an allegation that Ahyeon used a racial slur during her act. Observant viewers alleged that they distinctly heard her use the n-word, which sparked a significant backlash amongst fans.

The video rapidly gained traction online, with Ahyeon facing immediate criticism from fans and internet users. Some even asked for her removal from the group, with many voicing their disappointment at her causing controversy even before her official debut.

As of now, YG Entertainment, the management agency of BABYMONSTER, has remained silent on the issue, with no official statement released in response to the controversy.

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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

When will they learn 😩

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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Couple things here:
1. She absolutely does say the N word. I couldn't tell what she was saying listening to the audio itself, but when you look up the lyrics for that section of Feeling Myself by Nick Minaj, they're "Then I curve that nigga, like a bad toss (Uh). Lemme get a number two, with some Mac sauce." You can absolutely tell that she's saying that once you can parse it out. So she is saying it, full stop.
2. She's allegedly been learning English for over 10 years at this point and is fluent, plus she's under YG, a company known for rapping, and has a passion for rapping herself; I don't really know how she WOULDN'T know about the N word in American rap music. Even if she didn't necessarily know it beforehand, it's just basic logic to look up words you don't know if you're going to perform a song.
3. YG, and really all entertainment companies, desperately needs to include basic training about this if they're gonna promote rappers; you can't interact with rap, an intrinsically black art form, and not educate your idols about basic history and black culture surrounding it.

She doesn't need to be removed from the group, she doesn't need to be 'cancelled,' but this shit is tiring and people need to stop acting like she did nothing wrong.

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