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"She staged the photos?" Korean netizens have completely turned their backs on Kim Sae Ron after Mega Coffee claims the actress never worked for them


It seems Kim Sae Ron can't catch a break, and K-netizens have completely turned their backs on the actress.

Previously, Kim Sae Ron faced criticism after she posted photos on her Instagram just one day after the first trial for her DUI. In the three photos that she posted on March 10, she is seen working at a cafe while wearing attire from the Korean cafe chain Mega Coffee. It seemed this was an attempt to appeal to the public and also back up her claims that she has been working part-time jobs after the accident.

During the first trial for her DUI accident on March 9, Kim Sae Ron pleaded with the judge stating that she is the main breadwinner for her family and has been facing financial difficulty. Sadly, Korean netizens aren't buying her excuse saying she is facing financial difficulty. More so because Kim Sae Ron was said to have hired one of the most expensive attorneys in South Korea.

Following her baffling claims at the first trial, Kim Sae Ron posted three photos showing that she is working at a 'Mega Coffee' location.

However, the day after the photos were posted, Mega Coffee told media outlets that Kim Sae Ron has not worked at any of their branch cafes. A representative from the company stated, "We can confirm Kim Sae Ron never worked as an official part-time employee at any store in the country. The store owner of the location in question has a part-time employee who happens to be a friend of Kim Sae Ron. However, the owner has said Kim Sae Ron has never worked as an employee there."

After the cafe's statement to the media, Korean netizens have now completely turned away from Kim Sae Ron. Netizens commented, "So she staged the photos?" "Wow," "What is with her?" "I can't believe she staged those photos," "This is from September last year, lol," "She's really something," "She is really digging a deeper hole for herself," "Man, why did she lie when she was going to get caught so easily?" "What do we do with her?" "She won't be able to make a comeback from this," "So she borrowed her friend's uniform and took those photos?" "I guess that friend will be fired," "She should have just stayed quiet," "Oh man," "She's so crazy," "This is so embarrassing," and "Is it so hard to stay quiet and self-reflect?"

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Pinter963,223 pts Monday, March 13, 2023 2
Monday, March 13, 2023

She just completely blew up her own career over something that was like a $15,000 fine. Seriously. All she had to do was go silent for a year. Say that she made a horrible mistake, accept the fine. Then maybe after 6 months or so do a little community service. Perhaps donate money to a non-profit that offers rides to people who have been drinking, etc...

Instead she does all this shit to try and pretend she's "poor" and trying to make ends meet. While she's actually just cosplaying as a cafe worker using a friends access to a uniform... While she's having 6 members of an expensive law-firm show-up to plead 'leniency' for something that wasn't even going to put her in prison anyway.

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FlowerBubbles9,579 pts Monday, March 13, 2023 0
Monday, March 13, 2023

PR teams can now use this as an example of what not to do when you’re in a scandal. It’s impressive how badly she messed this whole thing up

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