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The winner of the JTBC competition show "Second World" is finally revealed

After a long season of stages, battles, collaborations, and more, JTBC's competition show "Second World," where female idol rappers become vocalists, has finally chosen its final winner!

The November 8, 2022 broadcast marked the show's last, and MAMAMOO's MoonByul was announced the official winner of 'Second World' after performing her final stage for the competition "Rest." Although Exy (WJSN) was also listed as the finalist in the final two, MoonByul ultimately won. Leaving Exy in second place. 

However, much to the delight of fans of both singers, in the end, the show's top 2 finalists were both winners of Queendom 1 and Queendom 2. Making many say that this was a final battle between two vocal Queens. Especially since there is a strong friendship between both idols, and they even got nominated for a Best Chemistry Award in the competition.

The finale rankings for all contestants for their final stages are as follows:

1st place - MAMAMOO's Moonbyul "Rest" - 4,157 points (winner)

2nd place - WJSN  Exy: 2,287 points 

3rd place -  Mimi: 1,682 points

4th place -  Jooe: 998 points

5th place  Moon Sua: 876 points 

Several songs performed in the final will be released on Streaming platforms on November 9, 2022, for fans to enjoy. While the winner of the competition will also be receiving the grand prize of a special OST for a JTBC drama, as well a performance for it on this year's Golden Disc Award stage.

Honestly, the competition was thought, so congratulations to all the finalists! 

  1. Billlie
  2. Exy
  3. Moon Byul
  4. JooE
  5. Mimi
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pink_oracle19,448 pts Tuesday, November 8, 2022 0
Tuesday, November 8, 2022

I mean at this point is it even a competition if it has a Mamamoo member in it, might as well just give them the trophy on the first episode and save the other contestants a lot of effort.

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BOSS-Ryujin5,631 pts Tuesday, November 8, 2022 0
Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Why the surprise?

Moonbyul is a rapper in role, but she always was a vocalist at heart.

I mean...MAMAMOO doesn't have the reputation it has just for nothing.😏

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