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Jung Kyung Ho candidly talks about his relationship with Sooyoung and their marriage plans


Actor Jung Kyung Ho recently candidly talked about his girlfriend of 10 years, Sooyoung, and shared their marriage plans in an interview.

On November 29, Jung Kyung Ho sat down with Wikitree for an interview and discussed various topics.

On this day, the actor was asked if he felt overwhelmed when asked about his girlfriend in every interview. He responded, "I think I'm used to it now. I would talk about my drama or film for 50 minutes and talk about Sooyoung for 3 seconds but articles are published mostly about Sooyoung. Now I don't think it's a big deal."

He continued to say, "It's been such a long time so it's become better and more natural. I think we focus more on our happiness rather than other people's opinions. Now, I think we've become more flexible."

Jung Kyung Ho also explained that he and Sooyoung are both actors in the same industry, but they don't really talk about acting. He elaborated, "I don't think we talk about our projects especially. I watch all of Sooyoung's works and Sooyoung also watches all of my works. We only say 'it was good' and that's about it. We don't ask 'how was it?' I think that's what our relationship is like."

Meanwhile, Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung began dating in 2012 and are in their 10th year together. They are the most well-known celebrity couple who have been receiving much love and support from fans. Regarding their marriage plans, Jung Kyung Ho shared, "When the right time comes, I think we'll just naturally do it."

Meanwhile, Jung Kyung Ho's new film 'Men of Plastic' is a comedy film following the story of two men who join together to lead the way in the Apgujeong-dong plastic surgery industry. Jung Kyung Ho plays Ji Woo, a talented surgeon who lost his medical license, alongside Ma Dong Suk, who plays Dae Guk.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

jung kyung ho: "i talk about sooyoung for 3 seconds and my drama for 50 minutes but all of the articles are about sooyoung"

akp: "jung kyung ho and sooyoung marriage plans" 🤡

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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

10 years wow

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