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[INTERVIEW] MIRAE discusses mini-album 'Ourturn,' reveals the artists they'd like to collaborate with, and more!


MIRAE is a seven-member K-Pop boy group formed on March 17, 2021, under DSP Media, consisting of members Lien, Lee Jun Hyuk, Yoo Do Hyun, Khael, Son Dong Pyo, Park Si Young, and Jang Yu Bin. They debuted with the mini-album 'Killa,' which features the title track of the same name.

'Ourturn' is MIRAE's latest release, and it marks the beginning of the "Boy" series, which follows the group's "Mirae" trilogy of the first three mini-albums. The album includes the title song, "Drip N' Drop," and its lyrics are about diving into memories and wanting to continue to dream. It also features the B-side tracks "Welcome to the Future," "Daydreamin'," "What Are You Doing?," and "Fallin Stars."

allkpop chatted with the boys of MIRAE to discuss a little bit about their most recent mini-album, 'Ourturn,' how it was like working on the songs and taking part in the creation of the album, and more. Keep reading to know more about the septet!

allkpop: First and foremost, congratulations on the release of your fourth mini-album, 'Ourturn'! Could you please tell us about the album's meaning and the overall concept?

KHAEL: I hope you enjoy our refreshing and boyish moment through 'Ourturn.' 'Ourturn' is the opening of our 'BOY' series.

allkpop: MIRAE's latest EP marks the beginning of the "Boy" series, which follows your "Mirae" trilogy of the first three mini-albums. Please tell us more about the new start, specifically what you hope to convey through your album discography. What are the differences between them?

SIYOUNG: We had shown a 'Futuristic' mood before; you can see our boyish concept.

allkpop: What can we expect from the new "Boy" series? Could you please elaborate on 'Ourturn' and the tracks in it?

YUBIN: Every track has the same keyword 'Time.' Have you seen our new concept 'Cosmic-Refreshing'? I hope you expect our new moods.

DONGPYO: We tried to show you our 'boyishness' and 'ourselves'. The members participated in a few tracks, so I hope you like them.

allkpop: How were your preparations for your first comeback in about eight months? What were your thoughts as you worked on the album?

    DOHYUN: I really missed our fans. It's really enjoyable and a pleasure for me. How about you, NOWs?

    SIYOUNG: I appreciate our fans who had waited. We had a lot of worries while preparing the new album. So we tried to do harder and harder.

    allkpop: Lien has his self-produced song in the album, titled "Daydreamin'". Could you please tell us the making behind the song and what's the meaning behind it?

    LIEN: I had made beats of "Daydreamin'" when I was a trainee. And I improved the song with new lyrics.

    allkpop: Khael contributed music and lyrics to the lead track. Did you run into any problems while working on it?

      KHAEL: Actually, I didn't feel tired! The work was so fast. But I felt scared about how you will feel about this song. To be the title track and to release the song, they were the most nervous.

      Junhyuk, Dohyun, Siyoung, and Yubin worked on the lyrics for the B-side track "What Are You Doing?" How did you feel about the fact that four of you worked on song lyrics? Did you discover anything along the way?

      DOHYUN: It's interesting and new to write the lyrics.

      SIYOUNG: I didn't know that I was a person who is so sentimental!

      JUNHYUK: It's enjoyable that I found the difference in lyrics. The members had the same topic, but they expressed different and unique words.

      allkpop: "Drip N' Drop" is about immersing oneself in memories. We'd like to know what kind of memories you want to create as MIRAE.

      DONGPYO: I want to make memories with our concert!

      JUNHYUK: I hope we will get the first place on a broadcast.

      allkpop: The song also talks about wanting to continue to dream. How do you keep pushing yourself to achieve the goal you've been hoping to achieve?

      YUBIN: I practiced a lot because it's the university entrance exam period! I applied to the acting and dancing department. 

      DOHYUN: I hope I will be better than now. I always improve myself.

      allkpop: Do you have any fun behind-the-scenes stories or moments from the recording studio or music video set you'd like to share with us?

      SIYOUNG: I had an episode when we shot a music video. My scene changed to Dohyun's, so I had to see rainfalls.

      allkpop: Do you have any artists in mind with whom you'd like to work or collaborate in the future?

      KHAEL: I hope we will collaborate with Post Malone!

      SIYOUNG: I want to work with Justin Bieber.

      LIENCharlie Puth!

      allkpop: As a group, you've undoubtedly faced and will face a challenge. What is your approach to communication? How do you deal with miscommunication among members?

      YUBIN: We talk a lot with members. I think we don't have any problems communicating.

      JUNHYUK: We share our own opinions at a fixed time. We talk a lot, and then we decide on various things.

      allkpop: How do you cheer each other up when you've reached a point where one's exhausted or tired from your busy schedules?

      DONGPYO: Before the stage, we shout together. I think it helps us be more energetic. It makes us feel special, too!

      DOHYUN: After the schedule, we cheer up each other in the car.

      LIEN: We share fun stories, and it makes us 'high-tension.'

      allkpop: Do you have any short- or long-term goals as a group and as individuals?

      KHAEL: My final goal is to be successful with the album which I produce. It's my huge dream.

      DONGPYO: I want to do this job safely and healthily for a long time.

      JUNHYUK: I want to improve my performance, and I hope I will be filling the stage alone fully someday.

      allkpop: To conclude, do you have any message for all of your fans around the world who have patiently awaited your return?

      DOHYUN: Thank you for your patience. We’ve ended this promotion, but I hope you always enjoy this title track.

      YUBIN: I hope you expected our new album ‘Ourturn’ because every member tried to do their best! All members shared their opinions about the album and title track. I love you!

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