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Get To Know Stray Kids' 3-RACHAs


No, I didn't misspell the headline. This article is an introduction to the three branches of gov- I mean, the three subunits within Stray Kids. Most groups usually call their sub-units as they are, such as 'Vocal Line' or 'Hip Hop Unit,' but not Stray Kids. They are ODDINARY. With their upcoming comeback this October, MAXIDENT having tracks from their sub-units, an introduction would be fitting.

Okay, we'll start with the original RACHA, being 3RACHA. With members Bang Chan as CB97Changbin as SPEARB, and Han as J.ONE, this trio writes and produces most of Stray Kids' discography alongside JYP producers. 3RACHA has existed ever since pre-debut Stray Kids, where on January 18, 2017, they uploaded their first mixtape, J:/2017/mixtape, onto SoundCloud, followed by 3Days, uploaded seven months after. The mixtape consists of seven tracks and nine tracks, respectively. 

After debuting, 3RACHA continues to write and produce songs for the group. Currently, Bang Chan has 138, Changbin has 123, and Han has 120 song credits on KOMCA, respectively, making them the 10th, 16th, and 17th most credited idols. The trio also recently released a song for Street Man Fighter's (SMF) Mega Crew Mission, titled Heyday.

If you wonder why 3RACHA, the name came from the famous SRIRACHA hot sauce, and since SRI sounds like three, and there are three of them, that's how 3RACHA came out. They even had three roosters, similar to the rooster on the hot sauce bottle, on their first mixtape cover. Why the hot sauce specifically? There never was an official answer to that.

For their upcoming comeback this October, the trio is credited in 7 out of 8 of the songs on the album, and they even have a sub-unit track titled 3RACHA. 


Derived from 3RACHA, the other sub-units are also the RACHAs. Danceracha, if you can't tell, is their dance sub-unit, consisting of Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Felix. This trio is well-known for their remarkable dance skills. The trio officially debuted as a sub-unit on August 26, 2018, in the self-choreographed dance video [Stray Kids: SKZ-PLAYER] Lee Know X Hyunjin X Felix. During their ‘District 9: Unlock World Tour,’ in 2019, the unit performed the song Wow as a unit stage, and the song was officially released almost a year later, in their IN LIFE album. 

Hyunjin also became Studio Choom's Artist of the Month in October 2021, where he covered Motley Crew. His video became one of the most viewed in the series. 

For MAXIDENT, Danceracha will have a unit song titled TASTE. According to the spoiler videos from their performance at their latest concert, ''MANIAC' Seoul Special (UNVEIL 11)', the song is too hot to handle. 


This unit consists of Stray Kids' two youngest, Seungmin and I.N. Despite being the youngest; they have such great vocal talents. This unit debuted on September 2, 2018, with a cover of the song Tomorrow, Today by the JJ Project in the video ‘[Stray Kids : SKZ-PLAYER] Woojin X Seungmin X I.N.’ During their ‘District 9: Unlock World Tour,’ in 2019, the unit performed the song My Universe as a unit stage, and the song was officially released almost a year later, in their IN LIFE album, featuring Changbin. 

Seungmin also sang an OST for the 2021 popular drama, Hometown Cha Cha, titled, Here Always. Seungmin surprised many with his powerful and sentimental,honey-like voice. Upon release of the OST, fans were saying how proud they were of how Seungmin has grown and has become such a great vocalist.

For MAXIDENT, Vocalracha will have a unit song titled Can't Stop. This song will be the only one on the album that does not have the touch of 3RACHA. Both Seungmin and I.N. took part in writing the lyrics and composing the song. 

Bonus: Baboracha

A fan-made unit, but often acknowledged by the members themselves, is the baboracha. This unit consists of Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Han. Babo (바보) is Korean for fool or idiot, and this trio is known for being the silliest among the eight of them. Unofficially, Hyunjin's the leader of this unit, although Hyunjin might disagree. 

Be sure to check out Stray Kids' comeback with MAXIDENT coming out this October 7, 1 P.M. KST.

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