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Posted by ean1994 Tuesday, August 2, 2022

BTS Jin’s Iconic Worldwide Handsome Moments


There's a reason why BTS's Jin has gained the honorary title of "Mr. Worldwide Handsome." His charms and his looks have caught the attention of many through his appearances in award shows, performances and much more! Here are some of the most iconic worldwide handsome moments!

1. The Car Door Man: Of course, the most iconic handsome moment of all was back in 2015. Upon Jin getting out of the car, everyone went wild, searching up for the "Car Door Man" to find out who this handsome being actually was!

2. The Guy with the Pink Mic: Following their cover of "Fix You," Jin caught the attention of many for having such an angelic voice and being able to hit the notes properly, earning many comments of "Who is the one with the angelic voice and the pink mic?"

3. The Third One from the Left: Upon their first American award show, the BBMAs held in 2017 was truly a great stepping stone, not just for the group as they won social artist of the year, but because everyone started to ask who the gorgeous guy standing third from the left was!

4. Muster Japan Jin: BTS Jin's handsomeness knows no bounds, and Muster Japan was one where Jin really proved he is handsome anywhere at any time. With slicked back hair, the diamond necklace and the silk shirt, this look truly earns a spot in the most iconic worldwide handsome moments.

5. 5th Muster: Fans who watched and attended BTS' 5th Muster Magic Shop were in for a swoony ride. Donning a new hair color of pink, purple and blue, along with the V-necked shirt, so many were shocked when they figured out that the very shirt Jin was wearing was something that was sold at H&M.

6. Daechwita Jin: Also another honorary mention, who better can pull off a mustache and goatee at the same time? Surely, there is no challenging feat for Mr. Worldwide Handsome, even though as funny as he may look, somehow he still pulls it off.

What are some of your favorite worldwide handsome moments?

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Kim Seokjin will always have iconic moments 😍 everything he does is so amazing and legendary

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