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J-Hope appears as a special guest on IU's 'Palette' to share his honest thoughts about his solo album


In this latest episode of IU's 'Palette,' global K-pop act BTS's J-Hope appeared as a special guest to talk about his first solo album and have an honest talk about himself.

On this day, J-Hope revealed that he decided to come on IU's talk show because he felt that this show allows artists to talk openly and honestly about themselves. He also liked the segment in which IU and the guest would sing each other's songs.

To start off the show, IU listed some of the slight similarities she found between her and J-Hope. IU shared that they both like mint chocolate and also have the same tendencies to get quieter when they drink. Lastly, IU pointed out that they both started achieving their dreams at a young age and were both able to achieve their goals. IU asked, "J-Hope, why did you decide to become a singer?"

J-Hope, in response, explained, "I don't know, destiny? I think it was destiny." He continued to elaborate, "In the 5th-grade talent show, I danced and my dance got a really good reaction and my friends loved it. That made my heart flutter." J-Hope shared that he felt that he was born to be on stage.

However, J-Hope also shared that he was shy to share that his dream was to become a singer and kept his dream hidden. He shared, "I used to feel shy and embarrassed about my dream." He elaborated, "If you say 'I want to be a singer,' then people ask you to sing. And I can, but it seemed embarrassing at that time. So I hid my dream to become a singer at first."

J-Hope also shared some of the behind stories about his album 'Jack In the Box.' IU asked why he decided to name his album that, and J-Hope began by explaining the way he got his stage name. He explained, "When I was coming up with my stage name, I was with PD Bang Si Hyuk and RM...and PD Bang Si Hyuk came up with J-Hope. That name touched me like destiny." 

J-Hope explained after getting his name, he started to add meaning and significance to it. He explained, "Hope is the last thing in Pandora's box. so you will be the last hope of BTS, and when you go solo, pop out like 'Jack in the Box.'" Therefore, the singer felt everything fell into place like destiny.

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I'm shocked! Never thought Jhope will be in one of IU's Pallete Epd

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12 days ago

Very entertaining to watch JHope🥰

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