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Older generation fans play 'Name the K-Pop Girl Group' (This time, you must name more than 7 or else you're a 'Halmoni'!)


The girl group edition of 'Name the K-Pop Group by Photo' is here, following the boy group edition that gave some older generation K-Pop fans an unexpected headache!

As stated during the boy group edition, the game is aimed more toward older generation K-Pop fans, who may be feeling a bit old when they see countless new teams debuting in the industry. 

The girl group edition is slightly easier in level, and so this time, you must guess more than 7/10! If you can't, than you're officially a "halmoni" 😉!

Name the K-Pop Girl Group by Photo!

Group #1

Group #2

Group #3

Group #4

Group #5

Group #6

Group #7

Group #8

Group #9

Group #10

...and the answers are...

[ANSWERS]: 1. IVE 2. LE SSERAFIM 3. aespa 4. ITZY 5. NMIXX 6. Kep1er 7. (G)I-DLE 8. STAYC 9. Weeekly 10. LOONA

How did the K-netizens do? They commented,

"I barely made it kekekekeke. I didn't know any of the boy groups tho kekekekeke."
"Groups 6 and 9 I've heard of, but I couldn't guess them by just the photos."
"I don't know #5, #6, or #9..."
"I don't know TT. I've heard the names but I can't guess them just by looking at their photos."
"I couldn't get any of them right... I thought #5 was Momoland..."
"I got all of them except 10! I was trying to look for Chuu? But I didn't see her for some reason TTTT."
"I'm a helpless girl group stan... I got all of them..."
"The only one I got was (G)I-DLE kekekekeke."
"I only got one boy group the other day but this time, I got all of them!"
"I'm a halmoni... I only know ITZY."
"I thought I was gonna be a halmoni for sure, since I don't watch music shows these days but... I knew like all of them kekekekeke."
"It's too hard to name them just by the photos TT."

How many groups did you guess correctly?

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KOMORII777 pts Saturday, May 7, 2022 1
Saturday, May 7, 2022

I can't help but laugh at NMIXX's picture because it literally says their name in the picture.. if anyone couldn't get that one 😂

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Kave99 pts Saturday, May 7, 2022 0
Saturday, May 7, 2022

I'm an international kpop Stan for 12 years ,I know all of them thay are all amazing and talented.

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