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'We Got Divorced 2' Eli & his ex-wife Ji Yeon Soo seriously consider living together again 2 years after divorce


Eli and his ex-wife Ji Yeon Soo have reportedly decided to live together again, 2 years after their divorce.

On the May 6 KST broadcast of 'We Got Divorced 2', Eli and his ex-wife Ji Yeon Soo were seen seriously contemplating about getting back together, following their divorce 2 years ago. Eli expressed his wishes to stay beside his son Min Soo, but revealed that he couldn't ignore the realistic difficulties of issues with his visa, financially supporting the family, and more. 

Then, in the preview of the next episode, Ji Yeon Soo was heard telling Eli, "I'll give you one room, do you want to pay rent?" Eli shyly smiled at Ji Yeon Soo's offer, hinting at his willingness to do so. Following this scene, the next scene showed Eli moving heavy items as if preparing to officially move in.

Previously, Eli and Ji Yeon Soo's son Min Soo drew sympathy from viewers after he was seen going on his knees and begging his father Eli to live with them forever.

The next episode of 'We Got Divorced 2' will be broadcast on May 13 at 10PM KST.

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MunchieMinx1,603 pts 19 days ago 0
19 days ago

This really seems like a bad idea. Like the parents have such resentments from before, and broke up with really bad feelings. Some family therapy is majorly in order, so boundaries can be set, and a plan in place for co-parenting that makes sense. This looks way too much like they are just doing what seems easy, or TV appealing, but if it goes bad again (and it will without some kind of counseling) the one who will be hurt in all of it is Min Soo.

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KOMORII109 pts 19 days ago 6
19 days ago

I just realised that Eli started dating her when he was 17-18 (depending if it was after his birthday) she's 11 years his senior.. if genders were reversed, people would be viewing this whole situation between them differently.

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