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Actress Lee Young Ae praised after donating $83K USD in support of Ukraine


Actress Lee Young Ae drew praise from netizens after she made a donation in support of Ukraine.

On March 1 KST, it was revealed that actress Lee Young Ae had donated 100 million won (~$83,329 USD) in support of Ukraine in light of the ongoing conflict. Along with a check, Lee Young Ae also included a personal letter expressing her wishes for war to come to an end.

Below is Lee Young Ae's letter:

"Dear the beloved citizens of Ukraine,

I am an actress named Lee Young Ae, who lives in South Korea.
As a family member of a war veteran,
I am feeling the cruelty of war far more deeply than anyone else.

I earnestly wish for war to end in Ukraine
and for peace to be restored.
I pray for all of the Ukrainian citizens' safety and wellbeing.

To the Ukrainian citizens who love freedom and peace,
I plead with you to not lose hope and courage!

As one among many citizens who love peace in a free South Korea,
I want to deliver my small but precious heart to all the citizens of Ukraine.
May god always be with you."

In response, netizens praised Lee Young Ae for her generosity by commenting:

"As expected of Lee Young Ae."
"So cool of her."
"You're amazing. Such a beautiful person."
"This is what having dignity means."
"This is noona's class."
"Queen Young Ae noona."
"Look at her class."
"No matter how rich you are, it's definitely not easy just giving out 100 million won like that."
"She's not a top star for no reason."
"Preparing it like a document like that makes it seem so luxurious."

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Blinks16LSJR4271 pts Tuesday, March 1, 2022 18
Tuesday, March 1, 2022

African students were trying flee to Poland but were treated like animals by Ukraine soldiers because ukraine is a neo.nazi/fascist state.
hmmm...she should better to donate directly to people in yemen, syria, afghanistan, or the orphanages in souht korea than the Ukrainian racists.

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eliz4rmjk168 pts Tuesday, March 1, 2022 5
Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Ukraine committed genocide against the civilians of Donbass for 8 long years. cruelly

did she ever care about donbass people and sent them a donation? ... or only cares about ukraine because the western media already brainwashed her well? eh?

remember when many western media lied to us about iraq, many people support invading and bombing iraq where they killed more than a million innocent iraqis including children, now those same lying western media make us believe that ukraine is a " " victim " ", while trying to hide their nazi or fascist ideology.

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