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Which celebrity couple is the most epic Dispatch reveal on January 1st and who will be this year's celebrity couple reveal?


Every year on January 1st, Dispatch reveals celebrity couples who have been caught dating by the news media outlet. Dispatch usually provides photos of the couple along with solid evidence they are dating. So far, Dispatch has revealed a handful of celebrity couples who had confirmed their relationships not long after.

This year, many fans and netizens are once again for the grand announcement from Dispatch on the new celebrity couple who have been caught dating by the news media outlet.

One netizen began an online community discussion on which celebrity couple was the most epic reveal done by Dispatch and also asked other netizens which celebrity couple they speculate the media outlet will reveal this year.

Starting from 2010, here are the celebrity couples that have been revealed by Dispatch:

2010 - Actor Yoo Hae Jin and actress Kim Hye Soo

2013 - Rain and Kim Tae Hee

2014 - YoonA and Lee Seung Gi

2015 - Lee Jung Jae and Lim Se Ryung

2016 - Junsu and Hani

2018 - G-Dragon and Lee Joo Yeon

2019 - Jennie and Kai

2020 - Heechul and Momo 

2021 - Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin 

The netizen who created the post also asked other netizens to give their guess on which celebrity couple will be revealed this year. This netizen asked, "Who will be the celebrity couple reveal for 2022? I think it would be Haechan and Ryujin, but would they not be worth revealing by Dispatch?"

Other netizens commented, "I don't think Haechan and Ryujin are at Dispatch level. Also, everyone knows they're dating so it's no fun so let's leave them alone so they can date well," "People know who ITZY's Ryujin is but people might not know Haechan," "I think Dispatch will bring up Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo again," "It might be IU," "IU and Suga," "I don't think it would be an idol couple since muggles don't know them too well. I think it's going to be actors," and "Song Kang and Han So Hwee, lol."

  1. Jooyeon
  2. G-Dragon
  3. Jennie
  4. Hani
  5. Kai
  6. YoonA
  7. Hyun Bin
  8. Junsu (XIA)
  9. Kim Hye Soo
  10. Kim Tae Hee
  11. Lee Jung Jae
  12. Lee Seung Gi
  13. Rain
  14. Son Ye Jin
  15. Heechul
  16. Momo
  17. Yoo Hae Jin
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itsMEsome1sayhi420 pts 24 days ago 6
24 days ago

That literally shouldn't even be a thing. Does privacy not exist in Korea?

These couples are private for a reason.

Imagine being with someone and some strange media cooperation comes and exposes you for some dumb yearly ritual. It's weird as fuck and the people that engage in it is also weird and creepy. Leave them be.


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grifsnax802 pts 24 days ago 6
24 days ago

Imagine if BTS was dating lmao... sasaengs would burn HYBE building down


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