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'Snowdrop' production staff member steps up to defend the drama against the history distortion controversy


A staff member of 'Snowdrop' recently raised his voice in defense of the drama.

On December 24, a netizen created a post on the popular online community Nate Pann. The netizen posted photos proving that they were a staff member working in the production of the controversial drama and introduced himself as Jo Bae Gun, who was in charge of photography for the drama. 

He started off by writing about the content that was controversial in the drama and explained that he thought that the controversy would subside not long after. He continued to explain that he felt there weren't any parts in the16 episode script that should be too controversial.

Jo Bae Gun continued to explain that his expectations were wrong, and the drama was heavily embroiled in a controversy that led many netizens to write up Blue House petitions against it alleging that the drama is fabricating and distorting Korean history - such as "the drama portrayed North Korean spies participated in the democratic movement, romanticized the NSA, and insulted the democratic movements of 5.18."

He explained, "I am not trying to deceive everyone with clever lies. The three allegations about the drama are all not true. I understand the controversy but I cannot empathize with it."

He continued to write what he considers essential and valuable in a democratic society, is 'freedom of expression' and 'freedom of assembly.' He said, "The creator's creation must be respected unless it was plagiarized. Even if it makes you feel bad about it, it should be respected. It should not be burned. It seems like nothing, but it is one of the great pillars of democracy. Only then can culture develop. "

He also added, "But from the beginning, 'Snowdrop' stated that everything was fictional, and even the things that were of concern didn't appear in the drama at all. Isn't that the case?"

Additionally, he added his encounter with the cast members such as Jung Hae In and Jisoo. He explained that Jung Hae In would treat the staff members with kindness and would always start up conversations with them, asking, "Did you eat? Did you eat well? what did you eat?" 

The staff member who wrote the post also included a photo of a text message conversation he had with Jung Hae In. In the text, Jung Hae In wrote, "Hyung~ this is Hae In!! Thank you so much for always capturing Su Ho and Young Ro so amazing and beautifully..! I'll also cherish the photo frame you gifted!! thank you"

The photographer replied, "Wow~ Hae In I'm so touched~ I should take good photos more diligently! thank you~ good night! ^^."

The internet users who saw the post commented, "I think people's nationalism has gone wrong because of COVID19, I'm pretty sure there are still viewers who end their week watching 'Snowdrop.' Please continue to make the drama," "I think what this man said is right. If there really is a problem with the drama, there will be fewer consumers. Also, I think this is a creative work that has no legal issues," and "Just because some people feel angry about the drama, you can't just get rid of it. I think all 16 episodes should be aired. I will support it until the end."

However, in another online community, netizens continued to criticize the drama saying, "Does he not understand the reason why the drama is being criticized?" "I guess he doesn't know what the issue is," "I feel like this is just a long excuse," and "The issue is they included spies in the drama set around that era."

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Sanakat2,339 pts 26 days ago 20
26 days ago

This staff member argued nothing, didn't deny anything that people were claiming, just saying their is nothing "too controversial". I was prepared to hear their actual take on the script to try to understand, but nope. They can't possibly claim that this is completely fictional when they are portraying a real government institution during the time (NSA), a real dictatorship, showing the real student movement, setting themselves during the time period of a real election, taking inspiration from real lives, Jisoo's character originally was named after a real women in the pro democratization movement etc. Clearly is set in very much real events.

The only thing this person tries to argue is that this is their "freedom of speech" . Yep, choosing to portray the people who fought for your freedom of speech and creation as NK spies, is a pretty weird way to honor your freedom of speech. Portraying the regime that outlawed freedom of speech in a favorable light is also pretty ironic considering their argument, just saying. But hey, it's "fiction".


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bapeal417 pts 26 days ago 8
26 days ago

Of course the production team would defend it, this is their work lol


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