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Former N.Flying's Kwon Kwang Jin announces he is finally free from the sexual harassment allegations made against him


Former N.Flying member Kwon Kwang Jin announced that he is finally free from the sexual harrasment allegations previously made against him.

On December 21, Kwon Kwang Jin took to his personal Instagram in order to announce that he finally found justice amidst the sexual harassment accusations made against him.

Below is Kwon Kwang Jin's statement:

"Everyone, please congratulate me. 

Finally, I have become completely free from the false accusations of 'sexual harassment'. 👏👏👏  I am finally talking about this after four years. I thought it would be better to show you with the evidence and results, rather than saying a hundred words. That is why I didn't say a word all this time. Thank you to my family, friends, and my fans who stayed by my side and supported me. If you are curious about the details, please go to my YouTube and check out my video. The evil can never defeat the good."

Through his YouTube channel, Kwon Kwang Jin explained his situation in more detail. Starting with the reason for his departure from N.Flying, he stated, "I left the group because I got a girlfriend. Because my girlfriend was a fan, many fans requested for my removal from the group so I left. During my departure from the grop, speculations arose that I sexually harrassed fans, but they are all false information. They were merely rumors that were not even reported to the police nor the prosecutors." Kwon Kwang Jin then explained that for four years, he had been taking legal action against the individuals who spread the false rumors about him. In reference to the photo of envelopes and documents uploaded on his Instagram he said, "These are the results and evidence that show the acknowledgement of their wrongdoings and my claims for damages received."

Meanwhile, Kwon Kwang Jin promoted as a member of N.Flying, before leaving the group in 2018. He recently announced news of his marriage through his Instagram.

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scarletrouge616 pts Wednesday, December 22, 2021 2
Wednesday, December 22, 2021

It really sucks for them because people like to spread rumours. They think it's just a word or two, it's fun... Not knowing the harm they caused others... At least until legal actions are taken against them...

What sucks more is that he is just a human. A celebrity yes, but still only human. Humans need love too and it's normal that they'd wanna get in a relationship and get married...

But just cause his girlfriend happens to be a fan... That's how it all spiralled down. I'm not surprised that the one that first spread the false rumour was probably a fan too. A jealous fan because she was not the one chosen -.-

Seriously, just let them breathe. Let them live. We love and support them for their talents, their characters and their music... If you support them in hopes of being their MRS, then seriously, you're not a fan.


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streamingisfake2,025 pts Wednesday, December 22, 2021 1
Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Unfortunately, many celebrities had to suffer a lot because of the false accusations. Their career is affected, their health too..even if it's proved they did nothing wrong.

Cancel Culture and its tools are very dangerous and destructive, not only for the celebrities but also for kpop and kdrama/film. Because of the so many scandals, I'm now watching Japanese, Chinese , Thai dramas/movies. BTW, on the big Chinese platforms/channels/YouTube, Chinese dramas have English Subtitles


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