Posted by Susan-Han Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Accuser who claimed they were bullied by A Pink's Chorong argues that Chorong's side is publicizing false information


On December 2, the initial accuser 'A' who raised school bullying allegations against A Pink member Chorong once again spoke up to refute Chorong's side.

Previously, Chorong's legal representative released an official statement confirming that the accuser 'A' was forward to prosecution by police after determining that 'A' was guilty of threatening Chorong with false information. 

However, 'A' argued on this day, "Chorong's side revealed previously that I was forwarded to prosecution for threatening her with false information, which is not true. The investigation for defamation of character, based on the spread of false information, was concluded without indictment due to lack of evidence. It's true that the police have forwarded my case to prosecution on charges of threatening; however, the case did not state that there was threatening using false information."

'A' continued, "It is definitely true that I was mass bullied by Park Chorong during my school days, and all I did was demand an apology for that incident. The police have only determined that this demand required further investigation as threatening. If demanding an apology for an event that happened in the past is truly considered threatening, then the court will decide once and for all. However, I do not plan to back down about my initial accusation that she was a school bully. Because it is true."

According to a copy of the police files uploaded by 'A', the police concluded that "It is difficult to prove that the defendant's claims are true or false, based on lack of evidence. The defendant claimed that in high school, they were physically assaulted by Park Chorong and her group of friends, but we have found no sufficient evidence to overturn these claims. As there is too little evidence, the defendant cannot be found guilty of defamation of character."

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heythere1981 pts Thursday, December 2, 2021 0
Thursday, December 2, 2021

I'm in my 20's and can't imagine putting this much effort into finding and hunting my school bullies . To each their own but being that this A is likely in her 30's and is still holding on to this there must be a lot of sadness in her life. I hope she finds peace



Sanakat2,320 pts Thursday, December 2, 2021 1
Thursday, December 2, 2021

My knowledge on lawyers and all that that conveys is very superficial, but I have a genuine question why do "A's" lawyers not speak on behalf of their client? Chorong has only spoken herself to apologize for underage drinking every other public statement on the matter has been made from her lawyers. I'm sure A (and for that matter anyone) still reserve their right to speak whenever they want, I'm just wondering why A's legal representatives rarely speak on behalf of their client and specifically at this point were it is most pertinent to defend them? Like why is "A" themselves always writing public statements alone with little to no sign of their lawyers influence in the statements, unless A's lawyers told them to and this was written through them? (Or is just different management style).Idk, any clearance on this for me will be very much appreciated.


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