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Trot singer Young Tak addresses fans with a letter, assuring once again that he did not know about the sajaegi (chart manipulation) case


Trot singer Young Tak has decided to personally address his fans with a letter posted to his official fan cafe, in light of the recent news surrounding his 2019 sajaegi (chart manipulation) case. 

Previously, Young Tak's agency Milagro was accused of committing sajaegi back in 2019 to popularize Young Tak's hit song "Why Are You Coming Out From There". The police were called to investigate the case, and the agency's president, Lee Jae Kyu, eventually confessed that the company used illegal means to boost the song's ranks on the charts. However, in his press statement, Milagro's president claimed that the artist himself, Young Tak, had no knowledge of the sajaegi, as he was not in a position to involve himself in internal affairs within his company at the time. 

Then, rumors that Young Tak was present in a Kakao Talk chat room where photos of the sajaegi were shared by president Lee Jae Kyu and Young Tak's manager at the time, circulated online. These rumors quickly turned into speculations that Young Tak did in fact know about the sajaegi. 

In response to the most recent developments, Young Tak explained in his fan cafe letter, "First, I want to apologize to my fans for causing you concerns. I am aware that the recent news articles are causing you a lot of worry, and so I am here to address them. The news articles which claim that I knew [about the sajaegi] are false. I have already received police questioning regarding this case, and the police have determined that I was unaffiliated." 

Regarding the Kakao Talk chat room, Young Tak said, "The chatroom was primarily used for letting me know about my schedules. I didn't pay attention to what else was shared in the chat room besides matters regarding my schedules. When I saw that the manager had sent a photo of some computer monitors, I didn't get why he was sending the picture and just replied with a random emoji. I had no idea that it was a photo of my song being streamed illegally." 

Finally, Young Tak relayed, "I should have been more alert of my surroundings, but I was foolish and for that, I am deeply regretting it."

Meanwhile, Young Tak has now become the first ever singer whose agency admitted to allegations of sajaegi (illegal chart manipulation). Numerous musicians have faced sajaegi accusations in recent years, but all others have denied them strongly. 

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