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YouTuber Lee Jin Ho continues to claim that singer Choi Sung Bong is faking his cancer with more evidence


The suspicions against singer Choi Sung Bong suffering from cancer have re-surfaced as entertainment reporter Lee Jin Ho continued to raise questions against the singer. 

Earlier, YouTuber Lee Jin Ho uploaded a video with the title, "Choi Sung Bong under suspicion of fake cancer...1 billion KRW ($840,000) crowdfunding, why?" The video raised suspicions that singer Choi Sung Bong was faking his illness to buy sympathy and raise money. The reporter raised suspicion that Choi Sung Bong wanted to raise 1 billion KRW crowdfunding to create his album, when it would cost at most 100 million KRW ($84,000) to create even a high-quality album and music video.

In the video uploaded by the YouTuber, there were many questions that he brought up such as the diagnosis report and the hospital gown that Choi Sung Bong was seen wearing in the photos posted on the singer's social media accounts. In the initial video, the YouTuber stated that the hospital gown worn by Choi Sung Bong does not belong to a hospital but is a general gown found on online stores. The reporter claimed he had called various hospitals to confirm that they only provide patients with gowns that have the hospital name printed on them. Reporter Lee Jin Ho promised to provide more detailed information as he finds out and investigates the issue further.

After the initial video was posted, Choi Sung Bong personally spoke up against the rumors that he is faking his cancer. The singer explained he had gotten the hospital gown from a small private clinic and has been wearing that in the hospital to prevent his fans from finding out where he is staying so they do not come to visit.

However, on October 11, reporter Lee Jin Ho held a live broadcast where he provided information about Choi Sung Bong's diagnosis report. The reporter stated that he inquired about the diagnosis report to various health care professionals to verify the authenticity of the report. When he did, Lee Jin Ho claimed that the doctors had found something peculiar about the reports.

Reporter Lee Jin Ho stated that the doctors who examined Choi Sung Bong's diagnosis report said the phrases used in the reports were not often used by doctors. Such as the phrase "Received the third surgery around May." Lee Jin Ho stated that the doctors explained they must write the exact date and time in which the surgery took place and not just an approximation of the surgery.

In addition, reporter Lee Jin Ho also explained that he had researched the disease code names of the illnesses listed on Choi Sung Bong's diagnosis report. He researched each code to reveal that some of the codes provided did not exist. For example, during the research, he found that code C73.3 does not exist in the list of disease codes. In addition, Lee Jin Ho found the codes listed on his latest diagnosis report provided were different from his first diagnosis report. Therefore, Lee Jin Ho believes that there is a higher chance that the diagnosis report is false.

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NoThanksImGood466 pts 10 days ago 9
10 days ago

The guy was going to kill himself, leave him alone ffs. It doesn't matter if he faked it or not at this point, not when this guy is actively bullying him after he was going to kill himself.


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gfrank120 pts 10 days ago 2
10 days ago

i can see where the reporter is coming from. if he is faking cancer, Choi sung bong is essentially attempting to scam people for attention and an exorbitant amount for an album that doesn't necessarily cost that much money to produce. i work as a nurse and in handover sheets and the patient's notes, it is usually written what the procedure was and the date. if not an exact date at least the amount of days/weeks post-surgery it is, given the surgery is recent and/or related to the patient's current medical issues. that being said the man just attempted suicide, as a reporter and a human being lee jin ho should be very cautious with his research and how and when to present his findings. if there is one thing worse than faking cancer it's falsely accusing someone of faking their cancer. that and dragging someone who is already mentally struggling for the sake of being right isn't praiseworthy.


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