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Various individuals step up refuting rumors that Kim Seon Ho was notorious for having a bad temper and enjoyed alcohol and women


On October 22, a netizen claiming to be Kim Seon Ho's former college classmate came forward by writing a post to expose his character.

This alleged college classmate claimed that Kim Seon Ho was notorious for having a bad temper and was known to enjoy alcohol, clubbing, and women. The netizen wrote, "Kim Seon Ho is someone who is completely opposite the image of being upright and good" and continued to say, "During his college days, he liked alcohol and clubbing, and like now, he's had many experiences with women. He also had a lot of bursts of anger maybe because he has a lot of pride...He would open his eyes widely and curse at his fellow classmates, getting ready to throw his fist at them, if their opinions did not align with his. Everyone had to follow his will because of his selfish actions."

The alleged classmate continued to explain, "Everyone was scared of his actions when he couldn't control his anger since he was tall and big so everyone just did what he wanted." They continued to say, "Even when a classmate he didn't like touched him, he would act as if some kind of bug touched him and would always pick fights. So I knew early on he didn't have good character. What you see is not everything. Don't be deceived by the good and kind image of actor K."

However, as soon as the online community post surfaced and circulated, more netizens who claim to be Kim Seon Ho's real college classmates stepped up to refute these rumors against the actor.

One netizen created a post with the title, "The person who wrote the post on Kim Seon Ho's attitude issue, the college classmate post, please read (+ photo evidence included)." In the post, one netizen who also claimed to be Kim Seon Ho's classmate wrote, "First and foremost, when I saw that post, I must ask, are you someone who really graduated from the same college? Aside from everything else, the reason I didn't speak up about his personality was that I was afraid that might cause harm to Seon Ho and I held back but now I cannot let this go so I am writing this post."

The netizen explained that the Kim Seon Ho she knows is someone who is very courteous and is timid. She explained, "The Seon Ho that I know is someone who is very well mannered and someone who has a lot of fears; So much that it's a relief that he didn't get beat up somewhere. You said that you had to stop him from fighting a few times when he has his outburst of anger...I really question if you are a classmate of his."

She continued to write, "Yes, you can like to drink when you're in college and also there can be conflicts between classmates but if Seon Ho had women issues for you to say that had many experiences with women, then wouldn't I, who knew him for 16 years, know about it?"

The college classmate also continued to say that the other classmates from the entertainment broadcast major class 05 all are very worried as they feel it's wrong that there is a controversy over Kim Seon Ho's attitude. She wrote, "When Kim Seon Ho said he would appear in a variety show, we even questioned if he would be able to adjust well because that's how timid he is. He is very courteous and very shy and timid. I can't hold back anymore after seeing that he is being slandered for his attitude."

This netizen included photos of herself with Kim Seon Ho and explained that he was someone who is very kind and hates causing trouble to others.

Then another, a second netizen, who claims to be a former classmate of Kim Seon Ho, posted another online community post with the title, "The person who claims to be the college classmate of actor K, please look. Let's not be cowardly and use other people's misfortunes." 

This community post included photos of the yearbook from the Seoul Institute of the Arts, and the netizen claimed he was someone who went to college with Kim Seon Ho. He explained, "I really wonder if you are from the same class as us seeing that your yearbook color is different but you shouldn't act shamelessly to seek sympathy through a post you openly shared your personal disappointments." The netizen continued, "The Seon Ho I know was known to be a good actor with good looks starting from freshman year. He was popular with a lot of people because he also had a good personality."

The second classmate explained, "There was a time when Seon Ho and I got into an argument during freshman year. Even though I was the first one to do him wrong, he came to be first and apologized. He's someone who knows how to make amends and has the heart to embrace others."

He continued, "Of course, it's hard to be remembered as a good person to everyone, but it seems like you still hold on to hate because of a trivial conflict, but you're going to be the only one who will be in agony. It seems that you are taking it out on someone who has already fallen to the depth of difficulty he's already having, so you should delete your post." This netizen explained that he wants to reveal his identity publicly and also have the other netizens' identity publicly revealed so they can speak out in the open. He explained, "I don't know if you're our junior, senior, or classmate, but you need to stop taking advantage of someone else's misfortune to enjoy yourself."

This netizen concluded by saying, "There are famous actors from the same class as us who are in support of Kim Seon Ho but sad they are not able to speak up for him because of their positions and everyone's understanding of the situation. Kim Seon Ho was someone who lived an upright life. Lastly, I want to say that the image that Kim Seon Ho showed through various media platforms is his true self. He didn't like drinking and didn't meet so many girls in a disorderly manner. Kim Seon Ho's image that everyone loved is Kim Seon Ho himself. So I hope everyone can trust in that and support him."

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lunatic-lady1,886 pts Friday, October 22, 2021 0
Friday, October 22, 2021

If more than one person step up to defend him to the point of willing to reveal themselves, that speaks something. If their statements are sincere, I really admire their friendship and want to applaud them.



ssaakura319264 pts Friday, October 22, 2021 0
Friday, October 22, 2021

He seems to have real friends. And they protect him. I'm so glad about it. At least something good...



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