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One YouTuber analyzes why the grandpa might be the main character's father in 'Squid Game'



There have been interesting speculations about the potential hidden relationship between two characters seen in the popular Netflix series 'Squid Game.'

Recently, YouTuber 'Minhoaurs' uploaded a video analyzing the relationship between Sung Ki Hoon (played by Lee Jung Jae) and Oh Il Nam (played by Oh Young Soo). In the video, the YouTuber suggested various clues showing that the grandpa might be the main character's father in the show.

The YouTuber began first described the scene when a majority vote took place to stop the game. The game comes to a halt with the grandpa casting the final vote to stop the game. All the contestants returned back to their everyday lives, and Sung Ki Hoon was sitting in front of a convenience store when he came across Oh Il Nam.

In this scene, Sung Ki Hoon asks, "Do you live in this neighborhood?" to which the grandpa responds, "I have a friend who lives nearby. I am staying there for a while...I guess we're meant to meet." Here, the Korean phrase "I am staying there for a while," has a double meaning which can mean, "I owe a lot to..." Therefore the YouTuber speculated that Oh Il Man was directing those words of "I owe a lot to..." to be for Sung Ki Hoon and his mother.

The YouTuber also pointed out that there was no mention of Sung Ki Hoon's father throughout the drama. There wasn't a single photo of him at Sung Ki Hoon's house. The YouTuber stated that if Sung Ki Hoon's father had passed away, then the family would have kept photos of his father around. However, seeing that there is no trace of Sung Ki Hoon's father, it can be concluded that Sung Ki Hoon's father abandoned the family when Sung Ki Hoon was very young.

In addition, the YouTuber also pointed out that during the game with the marbles, Oh Il Nam stated that the setting was very similar to the neighborhood that he lived in a long time ago. The YouTuber explained, "Of course, that neighborhood would be similar to the place that Oh Il Nam lived in since it would be based on his memories as he is the host of this game." However, Sung Ki Hoon was also happy to be in that setting and revealed he had lived in a similar neighborhood when he was younger.

The time period in which Oh Il Nam lived in such a neighborhood is only revealed when he finally finds the house that he had lived in. When coming upon the house, Oh Il Nam explained, "This is the house I lived in a long time ago, with my wife and son." Many would ask, then, why would Sung Ki Hoon not recognize his father? To which the YouTuber explained that Sung Ki Hoon is 47 in the drama. This means that he would have forgotten how his father would look like if they had separated when he was young, and there are no photos of his father around the house.

Also, when the contestants were getting their breakfast, Oh Il Nam said to Sung Ki Hoon, "You must have been spanked by your father a lot when you were young," to which Sung Ki Hoon replied, "How did you know?" Oh Il Nam replied, "My son was just like you." The YouTuber speculated that this line in the drama must be an allusion to Oh Il Nam being Sung Ki Hoon's father. 

Moreover, Sung Ki Hoon's mother's name was Oh Mal Soon, which the YouTuber explained that the drama must have taken the international viewers in mind. In the United States, the wife usually takes on the husband's family name. Sung Ki Hoon's mother's name being Oh Mal Soon could also be an allusion that Sung Ki Hoon's father's family name is Oh and Sung Ki Hoon took his mother's maiden name when his father abandoned the family.

Lastly, the YouTuber pointed out that Sung Ki Hoon was much like his father as he was willing to leave his family to achieve his goals. In the last episode, Sung Ki Hoon was heading to Los Angeles to see his daughter. However, when he got his hands on the 'Squid Game' business card, he did not hesitate to leave his daughter behind. This is very similar to Oh Il Nam, who abandoned his family to earn money.

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yatsua248 pts 18 days ago 2
18 days ago

Very interesting take but at some point Il Nam mention his son's birthday coming up soon and GiHun didn't say something like "mine too".

And let's not forget that Il Nam is super rich, so rich that nothing in life excites him anymore, that's why he organizes and plays this game. If he is indeed the father, why would he not get back to his family after being rich ?


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iamamothermyself876 pts 18 days ago 2
18 days ago

For me i think hes the boss..When LBH character told him that the VIPs arrived they just showed his body taking off the mask. Seems like its him.


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