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Netizens talk about how much food Seventeen eat as a group vs. how much NCT eat as a group


Netizens were fascinated by the stark difference in how much food the 13 members of Seventeen eat as a group, versus how much food the members of NCT 127 or NCT Dream eat as a group. 

How much food 13 members of Seventeen ate in 1 hour:

10 servings of grilled beef

15 servings of grilled pork

8 servings of pork ribs

Rolled egg omelettes made by The8

kimchi jjigae made by DK

Gambas al Ajillo made by Joshua

10 bags of instant ramyun

10 bags of Paldo bibimmyun

10 bags of Chapagetti

How much food 9 members of NCT 127 ate:

3 pots of Korean chicken soup

1 pot of braised spicy chicken

5~6 side dishes of scallion jeon + acorn jelly

(Most of the dishes were only half eaten.)

Seventeen buying two carts full of food for dinner (~ 700,000 KRW or $600 USD): 

7 members of NCT Dream: "We're done eating so let's clean up!"

Haechan & Taeil during NCT 127's 'Stick Together': "Two grown adults couldn't finish 2 bags of ramyun."

Netizens reacted with comments like, 

"Wait, is that real? Seventeen ate 30 bags of ramyun noodles in 1 hour??"
"Don't forget, Seventeen ate all that and drank a ton of soju and beer."
"Do those NCT boys eat anything? How do they dance on stage if they eat so little?"
"If the NCT boys ate more they would have grown taller."
"OMG Seventeen ate all that in an hour? That's why they're always so full of energy."
"If you see pictures of NCT's food before and after, it's like a find the difference game."
"Some of the NCT members are just those types of people who eat to live, they don't have appetites. I wish they'd take like half of mine TT."
"I'm just gonna assume that Mingyu ate 1/3 of what Seventeen ate though."
"This is why people call them 'Skin-and-bones-CT'."
"How can two men not finish two bags of ramyun TT. I can eat two by myself."
"Even the housekeeper who cooks for NCT says they need to eat more."
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Lunelvr2,283 pts 11 days ago 0
11 days ago

I believe we are slowly running out of stuff to talk therefor we started talking about how much x groups eats rather some important topics- anyways!

IDK maybe SM puts them on heavy diets so they completely lost their appetite or maybe they're not type to eat? It's not our business anyways but damn seventeen is eating so well- not shocked tho they're usually hyper



haris856 pts 11 days ago 0
11 days ago

Some fans don't realize that those idolshave a life behind the cameras...



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