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Netizens say that YouTube should differentiate between promotional and organic views


One netizen began a discussion in an online community about promoted videos on YouTube. The netizen who created the post explains that YouTube should mark promoted videos and show which views are from the promotions or organically generated. 

The netizen explained, "I know it's done but shouldn't YouTube definitely let other ordinary people know which views are from the promotions and which are organically generated?" They continued to explain, "If a video has the real view count of 20 million and 30 million but uses promotions to increase the views to 50 million and 60 million, then isn't that a fraud? The public should know which video ran promotions for a video by paying money then they can really trust the views. Or they should put a letter 'P' next to videos that are running promos. Because it's not fair for certain fandoms that do not run promotions for their group, isn't it? Rather than arguing about viewer number, more than half of them runs promos."

Other netizens joined the online community discussion and commented"The only singers I know that doesn't run promos are Big Hit singers and BLACKPINK," "I think that would be fair too, how which videos are run through promotions," "Don't all idol groups except BTS pay for promotions," "I agree with this post. They should mark which videos are paid for promotions so that the groups that don't pay for promotions don't get misunderstood for paying for promos," "Aside from backdoor advertisement or not, I think it is better to show which videos are paid for or not," and "I think paid promotion is like buying views, lol. It's better if it is marked showing which views are from the promotions or not."

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5 days ago

And how these people know if views generated are genuine when lot of fans stream multiple timesto increase the views. They don't see problem in that huh.


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5 days ago

uhhh, netizens... you know that mass streaming is not organic right? and that they developed an algorithm for detecting it?



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