Posted by Susan-Han Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Netizens disapprove of WayV's TEN appearing as a judge on 'Street Dance of China 4'


NCT and WayV member TEN recently joined Youku TV's 'Street Dance of China' season 4 as a judge, and K-netizens aren't too happy about it. 

Previously, 'Street Dance of China' stirred controversy among Korean netizens after the show's contestants danced to the traditional Korean song "Arirang" while dressed in hanbok, also mimicking Korea's fan dance. The show then claimed that the music, clothing, and dances used during these performances were "traditional Joseon-jok" cultural artifacts. (The Joseon-jok is an ethnic minority in China whose ancestors were Korean immigrants.)

During another episode of the show, a group of contestants once again danced to the traditional Korean pansori song "Heungboga" while dressed in hanbok. Once again, the show's judges referred to the performance as "traditional Joseon-jok". After watching the performance, former Super Junior member Hangeng commented, "I didn't know you would pick the most difficult traditional ethnic dance."

Now, NCT and WayV member TEN has newly joined 'Street Dance of China' season 4 as a judge.

Netizens reacted with comments like, 

"SM... stop sucking up to China..."
"Doesn't SM feel any guilt over all of these political issues between Korea and China?"
"Please do not promote in Korea if you plan on supporting a show like that."
"Does SM really have that many Chinese investors? Because they really know how to sell their own country for money."
"Why would they send TEN out on that show? He's doing great in Korea as NCT. He's not even Chinese."
"No, no, no, no, no. Bring TEN back SM."
"They don't even know how to dance it correctly..."
"TEN is Thai, idiot SM."
"I see these Chinese shows have no sense of morality as usual."
"Someday SM is really gonna pay for selling out our country."

Meanwhile, K-Pop stars such as EXO's Lay and former Super Junior-M member Henry have also appeared as judges on 'Street Dance of China', stirring up discussion among netizens. 

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MinLetrbl956 pts Wednesday, October 27, 2021 0
Wednesday, October 27, 2021

I get why they're upset but he's in a china based sub unit so it's not unexpected.. and it's not news that companies would do anything for money. I'm glad they're "hating" on SM instead of Ten at least

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nick38577 pts Wednesday, October 27, 2021 1
Wednesday, October 27, 2021

He's in a chinese group, what do you expect? In a country where you can't just say "I don't think so, I don't support this", in a country thats a dictatorship. But in China, K-Pop has always been huge, and K-Pop companies reaching out to get the money they can easily get is the normal way of how a capitalist company works. In such a country, you can always suspect that the people in TV were told exactly (!) what to say. Go and get over it.

Or did you forget the case of the korean YouTuber who got canceled for saying korean food is korean and not chinese?

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