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Korean netizens think prejudice against piercings is being broken thanks to BTS's Jungkook


Is BTS's Jungkook helping us tackle prejudices associated with piercings?

On an online community forum, a netizen compiled batches of images of Jungkook displaying his many piercings. Recently, Jungkook also made headlines for his eye-catching lip piercing worn at 'The Fact Music Awards 2021'. 

In addition to his piercings, the images show Jungkook's overall style with punk accessories and tattoos.

After seeing these photos, netizens commented on Jungkook's unconventional stylistic choices and expressed that it's "good to see him experiment with different looks" and that some have overcome their own "prejudices against piercings."

Other netizens also shared that this choice of Jungkook also shows his "professionalism" and "tendency to go 'all in.'"

Some other reactions include:

"I can't wait to see a ring on his lips. I think he would look good."

"There's nothing that Jungkook's appearances can't do...everything looks cool on him"

"OMG I would like to see a ring on his lips"

"I never thought I'd fall in love with piercings and tattoos. Let our Jungkook do whatever he wants...especially when he is young. He is doing things to his own body, so it's nobody else's business"

"I broke my prejudice against a lot of things thanks to Jungkook. I now also have a small tattoo on my shoulder and he makes me want to get piercings on my eyebrows."

"There's nothing that Jungkook can't do. What's so problematic about piercings?!"

"Jungkook is showing us how if the real person is lovely, nothing changes with piercings, etc."

"He's good-looking and always neat and innocent, so his cuteness doesn't go away, no matter what he does"
"I don't know why people are saying so many things about these piercings and tattoos...it's one's own choice"

"He's truly a social influence"

What do you think of Jungkook's piercings and recent style?

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Colibrianl394 pts 17 days ago 0
17 days ago

Jungkook only does what he likes, I don't think he expects people to change their view on piercings and tattoos but it's nice to see that it's happening. He's very brave



Fanboy_here1,710 pts 17 days ago 5
17 days ago

Tattoos and piercings shouldn't be an issue from the start and its surprising if it took all this time for knetizens to realize that people should do whatever they want to their body. That's what happens when there is standards that you need to follow and im glad that JK is doing the things that he likes to do and doesn't follow those standards, you can't please everyone anyway


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