Posted by Susan-Han Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Ex-girlfriend 'A' who raised accusations against 'Actor K' rumored to have worked in the broadcasting industry for nearly 10 years


According to one exclusive media outlet report by SPOTV News on October 20, the identity of the ex-girlfriend 'A', who previously raised anonymous allegations against an 'Actor K', is a woman who has worked in the broadcasting industry for nearly 10 years.

This past weekend, an anonymous online netizen 'A' who claimed that they were involved in a relationship with 'Actor K' in 2020 accused 'K' of persuading her to undergo an abortion, then breaking up with her shortly afterward. 'A' further claimed that 'K' often slandered co-stars, directors, staff members, and other individuals he worked with, fueling various speculations surrounding the identity of 'Actor K'. 

While actor Kim Seon Ho is currently facing severe repercussions after being named as the potential figure involved in the 'Actor K' accusations, the identity of ex-girlfriend 'A' has also started to garner significant attention. 

Now, according to SPOTV News, 'A' previously worked in the broadcasting industry from the late 2000's until mid 2010's. 'A' was known in the industry as a talented and beautiful young career-woman, before leaving the broadcasting business to begin working in commerce. Furthermore, SPOTV News claimed that 'A' is also currently known as an SNS influencer.

What are you thoughts on the latest developments surrounding 'Actor K' and ex-girlfriend 'A'?

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gentlett227 pts Tuesday, October 19, 2021 14
Tuesday, October 19, 2021

If I should believe everyting that has been written, she is a 35-40 year old with a mentality of a teenager, or young adult, saying stuff like his personality was so cold and different from his image, he badmouthed other colleagues constantly, while she went ahead and had a relationship with him and is upset he did not want the baby with her. If the guy is not nice, why date him, especially if one would have been around celbrities for a while? Did someone leaked a breakup for own advantage? If you have selfworth and are mentally stable, one would be able to handle such relational issues more mature. It would not have been the first relationship for both


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Samsammer26 pts Tuesday, October 19, 2021 15
Tuesday, October 19, 2021

How young can she be by now after being able to work in the broadcasting industry for almost 10 years since 2000 before moving to the world of commerce? It's 2021 now. I can't believe that "a talented and beautiful young career-woman" was easily lured to abort her child just because she was promised with marriage, as she claims to be. Her stories made her look so dumb. It just doesn't add up.


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