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Garo Sero Institute's Kang Yong Suk cries while singing a gospel hymn on live broadcast


On September 10, fans poured out their donations when lawyer Kang Yong Suk from the ‘Garo Sero Institute' shed tears while singing a gospel hymn during a live YouTube broadcast. 

Kang Yong Suk sang a gospel hymn titled, "Don't Stop Praying," also known as "The Tables will be Turned (literal translation)" in Korean on his individual live broadcast 'Kang Yon Suk's Insider News.' He began singing the song, but his voice choked up. He explained, "The lyrics touched me so much, I kept humming this song when I was at the detention center."

Back on September 7, police arrested all three YouTubers of 'Garo Sero Institute' (Kim Yong Ho, Kang Yong Suk, and Kim Se Ui) and held them at a detention center for ignoring subpoenas.
 They were held for 46 hours, but all three were released on the afternoon of the 9th as the prosecutors stated they wouldn't be a flight risk.

After choking up, he continued to say, "I thought about how I would have endured the situation if I couldn't even pray amidst the hardship and adversity." Then he continued to sing the lyrics saying, "Don't stop praying," and explained that he took those lyrics to heart and sang with the words, "Don't stop broadcasting" in mind. He continued to share with viewers saying, "You will know how I feel. These lyrics were a great help during the long 46 hours."

While Kang Yong Suk sang the song, the YouTube SuperChat was activated several times, in which the viewers donated to the YouTuber. The SuperChat is a function that allows YouTubers to receive donations from viewers through a real-time chat room during the live broadcast.

According to a YouTube data collection site, 'Playboard,' Kang Yong Suk was able to receive 19,798,121 KRW (~$16,909.91) in donations. It was also found that the three members of the Garo Sero Institute received a total of 50,654,928 KRW (~$43,265.23) through the SuperChat function during the time when they were arrested and detained.

The Garo Sero Institute earned about 20 million KRW (~$17,000) in donations shortly after Kang Yong Suk was arrested by police in December of 2020 on charges of defamation under the Information and Communication Network Act.

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Omg, I thought it was just in the US where people who were in jail "found God" 🙄 ... talk about playing the audience and trying to build a pure image before going to court .. ugh.. I can't believe people gave money towards these guys ... sigh.


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6 days ago

Crocodile tears.



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